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In the Middle Ages when they used to burn people at the stake they thought were
witches, they also burned homosexuals. But they thought homosexuality was below
witchcraft, and that homosexuals didn't even deserve a stake. They thought they were
so low and disgusting they threw them in with the rest of the kindling, or 'faggots'.
And that's where we get the phrase 'flaming f*****t'. You might want to know that every
gay person in America has probably been called that while they're being beaten up,
sometimes multiple times, and/or by multiple people. So when you say it, it kind of
brings all that back up. But, y'know, go ahead, use it, get your cheap laughs. At least
now you know what it means.

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commentCommented on: Sun Jan 26, 2014 @ 12:39am
I immediately Googled "f*****t" up after reading this. Always hated the damned word, and jumped down the throats of people who used it for dumb, mindless reasons, but I hate it even more, now.

This, to me, goes hand in hand with the word "******"; it doesn't matter if you spell it "*****" or whatever, it's just a nasty word that shouldn't be used. "Reclaim" the word, my a**, or whatever pathetic excuses are made to use it. It was never a word meant to be used in a good way! I hate that. I hate that so much...

Thanks for teaching me something today.

I guess you really do learn things in usual places. gaia_nitemareright

commentCommented on: Sun Jan 26, 2014 @ 01:05am
Lenighma, I understand hating the word, I myself am gay. However, why do you think black people use the 'N' word among themselves? Because it's THEIR word. They were oppressed by that word, and they reclaimed it as a word of their own, a cultural word that is only acceptable when THEY use it.
I constantly call myself 'f*****t'. Why? I've been oppressed with that word, with countless other homosexuals, male and female. So that's why I believe that ONLY homosexuals should be allowed to use it. ""Reclaim" the word, my a**" Actually, yes, it is called reclaiming, it's NOT an excuse hetero-cis ******** use to get off with saying 'f*****t', reclaiming is when someone who's been oppressed by a certain word uses that word towards themselves and their culture. Like when everyone thought Ryan Seacrest was gay and he called himself gay and then everyone stopped, that's basically what human rights activists do. We find a word used to oppress ourselves, and we use that word in our own cultural groups.

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