January 1, 2014
Oh wow. I just remembered that Gaia had a journal.
I don't ever remember posting in here, and to my surprise I have an entry dating back to 2010. I guess I should change the "Randomness.!!" to something more... profound? I probably named that back in '10.
Haha. Anyway, I guess I don't have to start up that blog that I've been wanting to do for a while. At the same time I also want to start one to post reviews, recipes, ideas, and just my feelings.
You know what? Maybe I will start one. I'll do that sometime later. I'll note it on my list to accomplish this year. Hopefully I gain some followers, even though my thoughts are pretty personal, sometimes it's good to share personal things.
Ah~ I really don't like being so indecisive, but I just can't help it.

Hmm, What did I do today? Well, not exactly today but New Year's Eve?
I guess it started with chatting with Luis while playing Pokemon Y and crashing at around 6 in the morning.
My father woke me up at around 10 to go do laundry. This is when I regretted trying to train my pokemon up to level 60 to try to beat my brother because I was dead tired. Well, I guess it can't be helped either, I mean, I did just start the game about 4 days ago.
Anyway, we have to wash our clothes at those coin laundry places because our washer and dryer broke down ages ago. With no space for another washer, or dryer, we're pretty much forced to. I prefer it this way anyway. I don't want to have to fold someone else's underwear again just so I could be able to use the machines.

I have a pretty big family living in my house. There's my family, and my cousin's family that consist of my Parents, brother, my cousin's parents, 3 cousins, and I. That adds up to a total of 9 people. Imagine having to pick up and fold 8 other people's clothes because they forgot they were washing them or they were too busy being lazy sitting in front of the tv eating Lay's potato chips. Not fun. But, at the same time I don't like using the coin laundry either. I mean, having the thought or uncertainty of the person before me having some type of disease or unidentified creature on their clothes kind of... disgusts me? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a germaphobe or anything. I've done my fair share of touching gross sticky shopping cart handles and doors with no care or problem at all, but laundry places are just different.

Back to what I was saying before, I was too tired. So... I ended up ignoring his wake up call and fell back to sleep. Pretty soon after my mother knocked on my door and told me to load my clothes into the minivan. I also ignored that too and went right back to sleep. Then my father came again, and so did my mother. It wouldn't stop. So after about another hour of sleeping and ignoring, I finally got around to gathering all my clothes and putting them into a laundry basket. By then it was around 12 and my father rushed me to eat and go. If I had known that he had to go to work I would have been up and running long ago, and we'd even be done by then, but no. I was not aware.

After a long wait at the traffic light, we finally pulled in and guess what? The coin laundry was completely filled with people loudly chatting and folding away.
My father decided to head home and come back during the evening hoping it would be less packed. My brother and I agreed.
Right when we got home, I dashed out of the car, ran into my room, jumped into bed, cuddled with Veon, and fell asleep. After I took my shoes off of course. I am Asian afterall.

I woke up at around 6 p.m. from a rude obnoxious knock from my cousin. He asked me if I would like to go see a light show with him at Butterfly World. At first I agreed to go, then I disagreed, then I wanted to go again, then I said I didn't want to. See, I'm so indecisive. In the end, I decided to go.
We stopped at McDonald's so we could get something to eat while we watched the lights but it ended up being closed. Soon after we went to another McDonald's right down the road from the one we were at. It also ended up being closed. So we settled for Checkers.

A bunch of eating, laughs, shadowpuppets, and light watching later, we headed home. We got home at around 10 p.m.

At around 11 p.m., Kevin and Dominic show up to bring me to Kevin's New Years party. I was watching a show called Awkward. that I am absolutely obsessed with, so I declined without really thinking about it. After Dominic's countless "Are you sure?'s" they left to go. I on the other hand was happy just sitting there alone while watching the 3rd season finale (which by the way, was one of the only season finale's that I've ever liked out of all of the television series I have watched).

Dominic came back right when the episode finished. I don't know if he planned it or what, but it was a weird coincidence. He was breathless so I assume he ran back to my house. Kevin's house isn't too far from mines, just a couple blocks away. He came back to ask if I was really sure about not going, and... I wasn't so sure anymore. He looked at his phone and said there's still some time left until the New Year, so if I went with him now we'd make it in time to do the New Years count down and celebrate with everyone. But, I ended up declining. Again.

Now I really wish I hadn't because I spent the last few minutes of 2013 alone, on gaia. I was feeling so lonely because this is the first New Years i've spent alone by myself. Everyone else went to different parties. I posted a status on gaia saying "This New year is lonely. Keep me company please." Feeling alone and regretful, a hero came to save me.

Dustin, who I call Duss, sent me a pm saying why I never message him anymore and if I wanted to hang out. This isn't the only time he came to save me. On my birthday, he was the very first person to say Happy Birthday to me right on the dot, without me having to tell him. You might be asking, how is he your hero by hanging out with you, and wishing you a happy birthday before other people did? Well, I was feeling so alone. His words were like a beam of light in my pitiful ball of lonely darkness that I craved so badly.
I don't know why I expected anyone to say happy birthday to me right when it turned 12 a.m. but I shouldn't have. I just set myself up for disappointment. I saw some of my friends online so I thought they'd message me. But they didn't. Duss was the only one who did. I don't recall him even being online when I posted "Happy birth anniversary to me" as my status. It was also my 16th birthday, and I wanted to feel special. I just didn't. But he made me feel special with just a simple Happy birthday. Honestly, he is the only person that I feel really wants to talk to me. He would message me almost everyday, and when I'd stop replying, he'd message again to keep the conversation going. Today I also added him as one of my ornaments onto my profile right next to Luis. It used to be Selena's or Selfie's spot, but I had to put him as one of the special people at the top. I love you Selena, don't take the replacement to heart! For any of my ornaments reading this, I love you all equally. I might just love Luis and Dustin just a bit more. Just a bit.

While Dustin and I hung out at the Underground rose place thingy, I met two people that I later accepted and are now on my friend's list.

First was Richiko. She's a remarkably friendly person. The friendliest person I have ever met in all of Gaia. After she left to go see her husband, Dustin told me to move to an area where there was a couple so he could troll them. He ended up being called a Noobatron2.0 and left the scene. Haha.

Then there was Ariette. I absolutely adore her name. It's so beautiful, I may even consider naming my future daughter after her. Hehe~ Ariette is pretty interesting. She wasn't afraid to tell me some personal problems even though we just met, but she admitted that she was also somewhat scared of me. I'm not scary or anything, I also tried to make it clear that I meant no harm. She's been through alot. Soon after I started to get along with her better. She called me her Dapper bestfriend and even put "Eve why are you so cool" as her status. I sincerely wish that we get closer and become friends. I hope she feels the same way.

Ah, and guess what? As of when I'm writing, no typing this, it is 6:00 a.m. Haha. I really need to fix my sleeping schedule. School's starting on the 6th and I still have to do the laundry because we ended up not even doing it at all. So my father is probably going to wake me up in about 4 or 5 hours. Sigh.

2013 was a year full of fun, friends and people, a bit of stress, tons of dates, and mostly having too much time on my hands that I had no idea what to do with. Ah, 2013, I'm kind of sad to see you go.

This new year, 2014, will hopefully be another good one.