I finally think my heart realizes what you are doing for me. Even though it don't like it my heart is slowly cooping with it even though it sees u love other people and tell them you love them over me. Yes it does hurt and yes I do get jealous and you know that but you want to get rid of your loneliness my mind knows that and my heart is slowly accepting that. He is gonna argue and say that's not good enough but I think it actually knows that you do love me and want to be with me. I guess imma be single the next 3-4 years till we get back together if we ever do but I can still hope. Yes I tried and failed so instead of hurting my heart more he told me to just wait for you in the future instead of keep hurting him now if I get with someone it'll be out of pure luck. So my heart and I have actually come to an agreement and wait for you unless someone else holds my heart in reserve for you either way I figure in the end I'm yours anyway so imma wait if I date I date if not then imma be single till you are 16-18 and hopefully our love will take part again and we have each other again even though part of me want's it to happen way before that but I will wait if I have to. Here is my last little part... If two people truly love one another they will wait to have the other when they can have them and love the other with all of their heart no matter what and no one will ever stop them from that day on!!!