She's a beauty from the outside in,
Falls down hard, but always gets back up again.

She's my role model, she's my best friend..
She loves me for me, she doesn't pretend.

I miss her so much, I wish she was here,
But wishes mean nothing.. With time I'll see clear.

She never gives up, she won't let me fall,
Forever protecting me..
Ever since I was small.

No matter the distance, between every mile,
As long as she's with me, I'll never cease to smile.

Through the good and the bad,
I hope you take it hand in hand.
And remember all the fun we've had.

You don't understand me, You think I'm plain out weird,
But throughout time in me you have appeared.

I love you sister, I always will.
Writing you this poem has been such a thrill.

But I'm tired now and I really need sleep,
So I'm going to end this and go count some sheep.

Goodnight Mandy.