hello everyone I hope your new year went better than mine is. a day of depression. sitting alone in my room ofcaurse on gaia. I don't really have my family, well birth family anyway and naturally like I have always done is recluse myself away from everyone at home. I cook and clean do chores most days then after dinner it is back to reclusing. I love my new family wich are the folks I live with but most times I do not know how to communicate. My mother passed away when I just turn 18 if she were here still I would emagine she would be online playing gaia with me. it is hard because I do not have anything in common with my new family they love to watch movies and I don't find them interesting. Id preffer to play a role playing game or maby something like gaia. something that lets me live a new life and get away from everything on gaia you meet a lot of friendly people that you could never hope to meet in real life. but its still really cool because it is real life. so they can understand you. well thank you for reading time to drown away my sorrows with some more zohmg ttfn