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Mehh, just stuff

-xI Ender Ix-
Community Member
Profile, Ender
Full Name: Ender Fenix Kurokawa
(Note: Middle is a more accurate translation of Demonic to English. Last name is adopted from his Adopted mother, Yuuka Kurokawa. His true name is known by a select few. )
Origin: Hell, Flame's plains.
Race: Phoenix
Genus: Celestial/Infernal/Unaffiliated
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 Ib.
Hair Color: The color of red flame
Skin Color: Tan
Eye Color: Orange
Apparent: 24
True: 17024
Soul cycles: 14, 3 recent

[ Key: There are several stages,
Lesser: The lowest ranking of stages. Implies minor amounts of control/power in this catagory.
Moderate: The second lowest ranking. Implies aptitude and talent in use.
Greater: The third highest, Implies intuitive control, aptitude, and talent.
Major: The second highest, Implies Reflexive control, Aptitude, talent, and stamina in it's use.
High: The highest an ability can be. Implies subconcious response, aptitude, talent, stamina, control, and percision.]

Affiliated element(s): Magic, Spirit, Unknown
Ender has a natural affiliation with magic with his Phoenix blood, but he's a human incarnation as current. However, that changes little in his intensity and power. Even with a death, his power has not waned, but instead he's had more time to grow accustomed to living with things. His spirit has developed the Mettle, and understanding nessary to live.

Other Abilities:
(Moderate deity limit)
Plane walking
Survive Heaven, Greater
(Able to maintain flesh and blood form)
Survive Hell, Greater
(Able to maintain flesh and blood form)
Toughness, High
(High tolerance for blows, ability to shake them off, ignore pain, and/or, acts as if armored)
Martial arts, High
Arcane magics, High
Aura Manipulation, High
Aura Transmutation High
(Able to: Align, Manifest, solidify, liquidize, aura at will in any form)
Aura Alignment, Null
(His Aura is neither good nor evil. Nor elemental innately.)
(Racial. If he dies, he will revive in some way, shape or form)

Ender's person ended up with his brothers after about 100 years of wandering wastes in hell. His brothers, patronage by the elven mother of Kimris and Caar's father, Terran, a fallen angel, were collected as people with extraordinary abilities. Hell was not a comfortable place when your father was whom he was. Ender's entire purpose was to be recycled at that time. To live a life, gather souls, and once he'd 'broken', be reborn. He was used viciously and effectively by Terran. This went on for several millenniums in Hell, Several times he rebelled, Several times Terra cut him down out of sight of his mistress and several times.
Kimris escaped, and Ender gave chase. Kimris hung around, and ender did to, considering freedom.
Ender brutallized Shampoo. After soundly beating Shampoo, he cut a deal with a demon, Seht, whom promised to provide a means or aide if needed, in return for nothing at the time. Baka, the head of the Sempai family, and Shampoo's father, defeats ender, and steals his soul, erasing all memories on said orb as well. Ender becomes the sempai family pet.
Ender's former personality manifests in a new body after Kimris does something foolish. He calls himself Seriaph, or Ser for short.
Miscillenious things happen, ender's freedom, love interest with Leoness, and a few others occur.
Ender dies for the first time, comes back as 'Rebirth'.
Ender dies a second time, ending up as an Angel.
Ender dies for an unknown reason, and ends up in his original form.
Ender becomes employed by the current sovereign of purgetory, whom he agrees to help wholeheartedly. For entertainment if nothing else.
Ender is freed, and acquired by Neasa.
Ender is free to do what he likes.
Ender traveled from one place to another, eventually finding his way to Valaura. there, he crossed paths with one known as Teles, whom he'd soon find out to be his sister. Time passed, the two grew closer and the secret came out with a jaunt to Ender's storied past. Along with that, his true name was revealed, and his sister attempted to drag him deeper down her path as her Zeal.
They parted ways with Valaura, and found themselves leading a kingdom on the world known as Arcadia. There, they made their lives for a couple years before Vanity, a lesser sin incarnate from Valaura murdered him for vengeance over stirring emotions in her. His death heralded the next Cycle.
Sindria and her sister were born. Vanity took the throne from them, taking the two in as her children, only to see them flee at the end across worlds.

A good person at heart. He is very much the kind of guy that would do something for fun though. Lacking maturity do to 'age', he often makes a small mistake or two. However, despite this, he seems to have a foresight far beyond himself, if not a great understanding of people. Others call him manipulative, he considers himself to be the person to 'right' fate as it were. He is whimsical, and prefers to have fun, if not have things turn out for the better.
He is a depressed person when drunk. 'Nuff said. Rarely happens though
There are moment's when he gets serious though. Said moments tend to cause cataclysmic events, including deaths and his own death. Killing people is not something he likes, but every so often, it happens.

N/A, He's a Sage.

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