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The Infinite Reality Crisis
Part One
Andy grimaced as his favorite Pokemon fainted. He had spent a few grueling hours training his Blaziken up to defeat the Elite Four, and by the third member it had already gone down. This was not good, as it meant he had much more training to do before he could take on the Champion.
Turning off his Game Boy Advanced, he looked up at Myke, “What do you want to do?”
Myke had been his best friend for a while, and they knew each other pretty well. So Andy was unsurprised when Myke didn't answer, and instead kept watching Doctor Who.
“Hey, answer me!” Andy picked up a bottle cap from nearby, “If you don't answer me, I'm going to throw this at you...”
Myke smiled at him. He knew, as well as Andy, that if one started throwing things then the other would begin throwing things as well. Since it was Andy's house, Myke was fairly certain that Andy didn't want junk littered all over the floor. The sting of a bottle cap hitting him on the lip, set him straight on that account.
Minutes later, after having thrown many bottle caps and curse words at each other, the two laughed as they cleaned up their mess. “I guess we could go over to the park. We haven't gone over there today.”
“Only for a little while, my hips been acting up lately.” came Andy's reply.
Once outside, the two squinted in the sun light. “It's god damn bright outside.” Myke said with a smile.
That brought a sharp laugh from around the corner of the house. Startled, Andy and Myke turned to identify the source of the noise, only to see Myke's cousin Jesse.
“I was coming over to see what you guys were doing.” He smiled as he said it. Jesse liked to smile, and he usually did. Unless of course Myke started giving him a hard time, which he was prone to do.
“We were going over to the park, are you going to come with us?” Myke knew the answer before it came. What else was Jesse going to do?
Smiling, Jesse fell in beside them as they walked. Before they had gone too far, the boys heard a familiar grinding sound coming from the house.
Andy glared at Myke, “Did you leave Doctor Who on?”
“I don't think so, I'm pretty sure I turned it off.”
“Well, don't you think you had better make sure?” Andy asked impatiently.
“No, not really.”
Jesse laughed, “Who cares? What's the worst that could happen?”
“Exactly,” Myke smiled at Jesse. “Besides, we'll only be gone a little while.”
Andy seemed unconvinced, but he continued walking along the street. Before long, the three found themselves at the park. As if in routine, they walked to a table at the far end of the park, and stood around it. The familiar carvings and writings were still there, and Myke traced his finger along a few.
Andy looked at Myke furiously. “Did you seriously leave my TV on so loud we could hear it at the park?”
Confused, Myke stared blankly at Andy. This of course only infuriated Andy even more. “You stupid sonofa-”
“I'll go take care of it.” Jesse said, smile still planted on his face.
“Some one better go take care of it!” Andy yelled.
Jesse took off at a jog.
“Hurry up damn it!” Andy yelled again.
As Jesse disappeared down the street the familiar grinding sound returned, accompanied by a strong gust of wind. Only this time, it was much louder, seeming to come from everywhere at once. Andy rubbed his eyes in disbelief as he found himself, and Myke as well, in some sort of console room. There was something about it...
“Hello there!”
Andy turned around sharply, and he felt his heart leap instantly. He didn't recognize the man who stood before him, but he knew who he was all the same. Andy looked over at Myke, and saw that his friend had made the same connection he had.
The man smiled at them warmly. “I'm the Doctor!”
“Impossible,” Andy heard his friend say. “There's no way. You can't be real. This must be some kind of a joke, there is no way the Doctor is-”
“Real?” The Doctor beamed at them, clearly pleased with himself. “Of course I'm real, as real as you or your friend there.” he said, pointing at Andy. “Which, in and of it self posed the question: Are you real?” The Doctor reached into his coat and pulled out an electronic device that was clearly his Sonic Screwdriver. After thoroughly scanning both Andy and Myke the Doctor studied the results carefully, muttering to himself the whole time.
“Well that settles it then!” The Doctor exclaimed suddenly.
“Settles what exactly?” Andy asked slowly.
“You two are real.” came the Doctors reply. “I was worried for moment, thought you might be 'gangers, don't ask it's a long story. For now just know that every reality is bleeding through into the next,” the Doctor paused to look steadily at Andy and then at Myke, “and you two are the cause.”
“What?” Myke asked, incredulously. “I haven't seen any 'bleeding through', how do I know you aren't lying?”
“Well of course you haven't seen anything yet, you're reality is at the edge of infinity (if you can picture that), you would be the last to feel the effects. But you have to trust me, an infinite amount of realities is breaking down, and it's up to us to stop you from causing it!”
“I don't understand,” Andy began, “how is it that we are at the edge of all of this, and haven't experienced any bleed through, and yet somehow we also caused this?”
The Doctor shrugged, “Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.”

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