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Character biographies!
Christian Raniero
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the chibi is by Ong xa

19 years old
[ appearance ]
bisexual, mostly heading towards guys. he's not too keen on relationships with girls unless they're worth it.
he's a cocky little git who doesn't know how to sit still and often talks about himself and how great he is. aaand he's a bit of a flirt. he likes to sloooowly get things out of people.
that's the basics!!

more detailed and it's bound to make you cry because it's really long and s**t:

He really is a cocky, flirtatious git though, and he will chat up anyone he deems to be cute and/or attractive to him. this could be personality or looks-wise, but it's usually looks wise unless he gets to know the person. that been said, he's a reasonably shy fellow when it comes to showing his actual emotions, so if he's scared of something, he'll usually put on a calm demeanor while mentally screaming at himself as he tries to control his shaking. When he needs to think really hard about something, he'll often keep his eyes shut until he comes up with a solution. over all though he's really not too bad a guy. he can grow very attached to someone very quickly and put them before himself, making sure their safety comes first.
but he is very sexual too and a sadist and if you see him wearing frilly fancy clothing that's revealing and more suited to those of the female gender then yeah he's in a sexual mood guys.

he doesn't have the best of pasts, though it's not too bad considering what a lot of other people go through.
for starters, he's from a rich family, which was pretty large when he was properly a part of it. though his only sibling is his older sister, the amount of aunts and uncles he had was astounding.
it was common to have a lot of kids within the family: his mother had about seven siblings, and her dad had about eight, etc. each child was brought into the 'family business' in a sense. but his mum couldn't have more children once she gave birth to him, so the family tradition on her end couldn't be upheld. both she, her husband, christian and his sister were treated like scum, and they would be until his sister was able to give birth to at least four healthy babies.

the family worked their children to the bone. from the minute kids could walk or talk, they were branded as 'slaves' to their parents and the adults of the family, having to do whatever work they were told to do. No child ever went to a public school and could socialise with other children outside of the family, so instead they were all home schooled. their lives weren't so much based around poverty because of their status though, and as soon as the children grew up, they were expected to go into business right away. most of them did. it's how the family became so respected and rich, though their methods have never been told.

christian received his 'mark' around his left collar bone when he was four. his mother isn't such a kind woman, but she did treasure her first, last and only son as much as she did the daughter, and so she prevented them from being branded for as long as she could. soon after, however, he was put to work and already being forced to carry errands between different members of the family when he had no idea what he was doing.

growing up, the tasks grew more tedious, and he was forced into being the one who had to climb and fix things when people needed him to. sometimes he had to carry everyone's s**t around, half of the time he was cleaning the place, happily doing things for everyone but nothing for himself. eventually the family saw him as a decent worker and actually hired him, paying him for almost every task.

that was his way out.

with enough money after countless years of labour, he could finally move out and quit the family line, leaving his mother, sister and father behind. truth be told, all three were happy to see him go so he could make a life for himself. when he was eighteen, he was able to afford his own place, further across the country and out of the way of his past. he hasn't spoken to his family since.

right now he's kind of a 'do-whatever-pops-up' kind of guy, never settling into one profession and just doing work for people as and when he could. the events of his childhood were more of a life lesson to him than a burden and it's proved useful for him.

christian lives by himself in a small bungalow mostly hidden away from the streets were s**t goes down. it's not ideal but it's worth it.

✖ the brand mark on his collarbone is a large triangle with the point facing upwards, and a smaller one just above it pointing down. they're not joined in any way.
✖ he wears a silver key on a silver chain around his neck. it's not really of any importance. really. all it does is unlock the secrets and everything people need to know about the titans and s**t and it connects to a basement and stuff and -- /shot
✖ no but really it's just a key. that's it. no real importance.
✖ his green top is sleeveless.
✖ and his eyes are like a really light shade of blue. light and dull enough to look grey.
✖ his lip will always have his piercing in.
✖ sometimes he wears studs and rings in his left ear but not all the time. too troublesome for him.
✖ that brown pouch of his is his way of carrying around his money and it's pretty tightly shut. it's somewhat like a pistol holder thing but it isn't? idek how to explain it IT'S A POUCH THING AND HE KEEPS MONEY AND A CHOCOLATE BAR IN IT.
✖ sometimes he wears a crown because he kind of thinks of himself as a prince half of the time.
✖ and he just likes the crown.
✖ his shirt always covers his mark unless he's showing it to someone, which doesn't happen very often.

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