Back at it again (Again)

Been going to the gym and exercising about 3 weeks now ever since I stopped going for a month or so. Been getting results and feeling better but its tough still. Probably more than ever. The dieting, waking up early, and drain of it all makes me wonder if its worth it sometimes. Sure, I have decent muscle mass and i'm not a total slob but ive never really been confident in my 'summer' body. I get compliments here and there but they're a rarity. I have one person who occasionally goes with me to the gym. Ive brought her along under my wing despite all the learning im still doing. No one around me is as interested as I am. They're either unhealthy or are lucky enough to have a slim body. But that's not enough for me.
I've always seen these UFC fighters come in and wished I had their physique. So I began to train like one. But I need more motivation. I get judged on the daily for drinking protein shakes and eating healthy. Especially from an overweight vegan hipster who calls the vanilla shakes 'horse semen'. It pisses me off. Motivation becomes scarce when everyone around you is judging. Especially since it has always been a weakness of mine.
Hopefully I can continue the momentum for another 6 months until summer comes around. I just have to tough it out.