"I hate them, I hate them all! They get on my nerves so much!" At this point I was about to start yelling... I guess your wondering who I'm talking to and what I'm talking about. Well its a long story, but I guess I have to tell it some time so here goes. I'm Kat, and no, not like the animal and right now I'm talking to my best friend Alexis. We got stuck on boring, old Earth, yay! I've lived next to Alexis all my life she's one day older then me ( yeah that's right,ONE day!) and she always bugs me about it. Anyways getting to what I was complaining about earlier, I was talking about the obnoxious Flames ughhh do they get on my nerves! They think they are the hottest things alive, just because they are hot (heat) doesn't mean they're hot. (attractive) They also insist that their food is specially made like feed 4 planets wasn't hard enough, they want their food heated from the Milky Way, but that place is a waste land covered in old lava, I have no idea why they want that but thats what they are craving. And guess who gets to go fetch it? Me. Thats right me because its my "job." The worst thing about my "job" and where I live is, all I do is make food, fetch food, and deliver food all because I'm stuck on boring Earth with no special Element other then dirt... Did I mention there are 3 Planets other then "New" Earth? No? Ok let me explain, So there are 4 planets in total and I live on Earth we make and harvest all the food. There's Blaze, they keep us all nice and warm, then there's Aqua which is a planet COMPLETELY made out of water no land, they keep everyone hydrated, and then Air, stupid Puffs think they are the most advanced of us all, well they do keep us breathing... So know you all know whats going on I can continue with what was going on...
"Your over-reacting Kat, they aren't that bad just get what they want and keep moving forward."
"No I'm not they want me to fly ALL the way to the Milky Way you know how far that is??"
"Ok I understand why you might be a little mad but at least they are going to start paying better?" All I did was glare at her for a long time.
"FINE! I'll go but when I get back all the orders better be done or I WILL hurt someone!!"
"Yes sir! Haha get going or you'll never make it back by 12!" Alexis turned me around and then pushed me out the door.
]As I was yelling at Alexis, I saw Will from Aqua he was the most Handsome man I had ever seen. As I was staring in a non stalker-ish way Alexis' voice cut threw my daydream,
And of coarse I turn my head and BAM in the face sharp keys, just as I was about to yell at Alexis Will showed up. He had taken his Tail and Gills off and was wearing shorts and a tank top.
"Need some help?"
He said as he grinned at me.
"Oh uhm yeah thanks just Alexis trying to be funny. Hahaaaa..." I said awkwardly, and brought a hand to my head.
"Are you ok?"
"Pfft yeah you know I'm totally ok. No problem. Didn't even hurt."
"Your bleeding."
"Ahhhghghhh oh yeah I should uhm take care of that in.. myy....in..my car! That's where I'm going!"

"Haha ok then I'll just go and get Alexis to give my my package. Nice talking to you!"
"Yeah nice talking to you too." I started to walk away and tripped over my feet but I didn't fall which was good? I finally got to my car and when I looked in the mirror I was redder then the blood on my forehead...Great.... I viciously started looking for some tissues. When I finally found some the blood had already started to dry up, so of coarse I didn't need them anymore. "Well time to go visit the Milky Way." I said aloud and to myself....(cheesy)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of Chapter 1~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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