Our Supervisors are very mean people or most of them are and are now implicated in not letting a man go to a doctor which lead to his death because of complications later on the next day. gonk

And as well counting a young lady leaving early because she was having a miscarriage as a bad thing against her work record too, scream scream scream

I dont think it will be long before I stop working for them if Im not fired first before I leave. 3nodding

Otherwise the night went by quickly enough and we got off ast a decent time more or less and am ready and excited to be off for New Years Eve and to come on tonight and be on Gaia with My Pogi and everyone for New Years, Hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss heart

Our water problem should be fixed by tommorrow and we wnt have to boil any more water before we would consume it. 3nodding

AND @ My Pogi, tomorrow I shall have pics of the castle finished for you, Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!