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I believe my time here on Gaia Online is coming to an end
To this we've come. I always thought I'd leave this site on good terms but it appears I am not.

I joined this site 10 years ago. I was 12 years old then. Young, naive, and so excited to join a site called gogaia.com

Now I am nearly 23 and going through graduate school. I've gone through so much in ten years -- I've moved on from middle to high school to college to grad school, moved through states and countries, battled mental illness, broke a heart and had my heart broken, made and lost friends, found a passion for a career...
Ten years is a long time.

And one constant has been this website. Through thick and thin, I logged into this site if just for a minute nearly every day. Up until recently, nothing changed, and it felt okay.

But then something happened here; new management. I thought I was crazy when I started seeing cash pushes everyday. Gaia needed money but until then I never could recall daily sales. And turns out I'm not crazy. It had never hit me until that point that Gaia had turned into a business; not only is it a business, but a bad one. I have never witnessed such blatant disregard for users/customers complaints, almost all genuine. Time and time again I have seen users/customers begging for answers and change, but I have yet to see it.

I had always dreamed of repaying the kindness that was given to me early on on this site. Truly. I will never forget when I was sold an Angelic Scarf for a mere 29k. Back then, it was worth 100k. I treasured it until it was sold for real money. Now I feel weird for ever having treasured it. You would think that would make parting with my treasures easier but instead, there's no way I can part with them. I had even started to. But now? They feel tainted to me. The Angelic Scarf, Angelic Pendant (now in a $15 gift bundle), the Ancient Katana (also in a $10 gift bundle) and so on. Since they've been sold for real money, I feel they have no more value. They were sold for real currency outside the initial release. It's heart breaking for me since I worked so hard for those items. Instead, they slapped me and countless others in the face, all for the sake of profit.

I would be less hurt by the cash grabbing if there were products to show for it. I have waited so long for the new inventory arranger but alas, I don't think it will ever come. Old, core features are absolutely neglected. It's a darn shame, too, since many of them drew and kept me on here through the years. Instead, who knows where all those profits (or lack there of) are going.

Gaia has now made me feel like I have wasted my time on here since I'm am not a regular paying user/customer. I already made a thread about this concept but wasting time is such a huge disrespect, especially in business. I am not valued for I am not giving support with my money.

And so, as of January 1st, I shall no longer be logging in on a regular basis. I may pop in from time to time to see the chaos continue, but my time as a regular Gaian is at an end. I don't foresee the site lasting much longer as it is with its short-term-profit business practices. Most people are not that naive to notice the direction Gaia has taken. Unless management wises up or leaves, there is no way this site can last much longer.

I am very sad. Ten years is a long time. But it's okay. I move onto greener pastures, on and offline, as I hope many others will. There is no more use fighting a greedy, deadly poison. I take with me memories of one of the first websites I have ever loved.

I'm out.

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