Something I've thought about doing for a while now, but I've never really done, is write down what I think about a game or book or a film just so I can get down my first impression to reflect on later. Writing has always been a great outlet for me to really put into words how I feel about something and I'm pretty lousy to just be getting around to it.

When I first played the demo version of Papers, Please, I was really invested into the gameplay. Since it was my first time playing, I wasn't extraordinary good at it. I couldn't afford food somedays or heat on others, and it upset me that my family couldn't stay stable. I saw it as a failure on my part, that I wasn't playing the game (doing my job) as well as I should be, because my family wasn't okay. It was a good connection to the game that I appreciated.

A few days ago, I received the full version from my girlfriend. I've completed it and it was pretty good. However, it was a different experience.

I lost the connection I had to the family that I had with the demo and I played it more as "This is a game, I am separate from it".

(Note. I need to finish this later. Not feeling well.)