England's POV

Hm... I never noticed her before yesterday. When I heard her playing the flute... I thought as I watched from the doorway of the meeting room. She stood there, her curly brown hair in a ponytail in her brown uniform. She was talking with Germany before the meeting started.
I took a deep breath before walking in, trying to keep my eyes off her. I walked toward America and quickly say next to him.
"America. Do you know anything about that girl over there?" I asked, motioning to the girl.
"Her? Oh yeah, dude. She's a newer country. Pretty powerful too. She was found in some meadow a few years ago." He smiled a little.
My eyebrows furrowed slightly.
"Too bad she's an Axis. I'd being going after her. A hero always gets the girl, ya know what I'm sayin'?" He asked, lightly nudging my forearm.
My eyes went wide. "She's an Axis?!" I shouted, everyone falling silent and turning to me...
Jessica's POV

"She's an Axis?!" I turned my head to a man with blond hair and green eyes. He looked a little red. I softly giggled before turning to face Germany again.
But soon, the conference started and we all sat while America started.
"Dude, I think the World Conference can convene, solving all of today's problems by talking excessively! No matter how hard it seems we can fix anything with enough meetings and photo-ops. Feel free to speak honestly while protecting your chances for re-election! I'll go first! About that whole using global warming to enslave humanity thing, I think we'll be okay if we genetically engineer a huge hero and have him protect the earth- I give you the super hero Globaman!"

"I agree with America-" Japan started.

"Man up or I'll beat you with my Peace Prize!" Switzerland threatened.

"There's no way some hero will help global warming or humanity's enslavement." The bushy eye browed man spoke.

"If Britain and America don't agree how can I be superior by dissing them both?" France chuckled

"I concourt!!" England shouted, standing in his chair and going over to France.
Once there, he repeatedly hit the Frenchman on the head with the side of his hand.

"You Frenchies sure love to hate America, why not go back to making us hot green chick statues like you used to?" America asked, poking France with his pen.

"Western nations are so immature I doubt they'll ever grow up. Maybe I can try appealing to the only organ of theirs that seems to work. Would you guys like to sample some Chinese tasty treat?" China offered, holding a basket of Chinese goodies.

"We'll just get hungry again!" England and France shouted back, who were now fighting.

"Hey. Why don't you say something Russia, they stop fighting if you go over and step in." A man with brown hair and green eyes approached Russia.

Suddenly, everything was getting out of control!

"Please everyone, calm down!" China tried to calm things.
Not hearing anything from Germany, made me look at him to find he was struggling with keeping his temper. When I was close to reaching out to him, he stood up and shouted,"Everyone shut up!"

The two nations fighting stopped and looked toward the bigger country. "Germany?"

With everyone's eyes on him, Germany stoke. "We've called this conference to solve the world's problems, not to fight about the problems of our past! And since I'm the only country who seems to know how to run a meeting, we'll follow my rules from here on out: Eight minutes each for speeches, no chit chat about side deals, and absolutely no going over the time limit! Now if you want to go make sure you're prepared and raise your hand, but do so in a way that does not mock any salutes of my country's past."

My eyes when toward my brother who raised his hand, big brother Italy.

Germany pointed to him, "Germany recognizes his friend Italy."

My brother only smiled before shouting,"... PAAAAAASSSTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAA~!!!"
The single word echoed throughout the room as everyone stood silent.
Very slowly, I raised my hand.
"Germany recognizes his friend, Monte Carlo." Germany granted the permission for me to speak. I stood, both hands on the table.
"A while ago, when I was a little girl, my big brother Italy told me the story of the Axis and Allies fighting on a southern island. And out of no where, Santa came and delivered presents to all..." I looked around at the Allies I knew of. "What is happening to everything? It was very close to Christmas, yet you were all caught up in war to realize it..." I whispered softly, swallowing hard at my notice of green eyes looking at me. They belonged to the man who yelled out something about the Axis. But they looked much deeper than anyone else's gaze toward me.
I jump slightly at the feel on someone patting my back.
"Good point Monte. Next topic. Holidays on the battle field." Germany announced as I sat back in my seat, looking toward the man who was once gazing at me...to find he was looking over at Germany now...
Huh...Maybe it was my imagination?