there's a melody inside my head
too complicated to recreate
but if you have it a listen, you'd understand
what a lovely composer, what a sweet man

everybody knows, this kid's insane
he only offers hate, complicates his brain
yet you stick around, push me on down
breathe down my neck without uttering a sound

i say i'm to blame, you say it's okay
that anything that's happened will go away
now tell me i matter, tell me it's true
tell me there's no one but myself and you

there's a voice whispering, doubting myself
i'm losing my mind and i'm losing my health
won't you follow me down this mad parade?
there's never a sun, but plenty of shade

it's always raining, it's always quite freezing
you'll have a hard time, but you know that i'm easy
you'll eventually get tired, eventually leave
you'll leave me quite breathless, until i can't breathe