get up off of the floor man, you're doing okay
it's not like you got something better to say
pick yourself up, and pick up that pen
give them something to play their pretend


he can hang up the phone
and be all alone
she can scream if she wants
and torture his thoughts

it doesn't matter anyway
he's been through worse
he's been there before
he's lost all his senses
he's got no remorse

he can take a real beating
she says that she's leaving
he can stare all he can
she won't give him a hand

it doesn't matter anyway
she doesn't seem to care
he won't understand her
he's just unaware

she can come back sometime later
he won't say he hates her
he doesn't feel that way
though she says it's okay

it doesn't matter anyway
it's well understood
that he is the problem
he is the fool
so he says that he's sorry
but it's never enough
for the woman he wants
the one that he loves