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Sheisiri's Secret Book of Evilness
Um....This is really just a place to put some ideas I don't want in a test thread...So, yeah...
Soul Witch and Contract Witch

Soul Witch

A Soul Witch cannot be born; they are all made. How this happens is when a Contract Witch somehow manages to absorb the soul (Living EPE) of an Angel or Demon. By doing this, they gain abilities highly coveted by other Contract Witches, but loose others.

First off, Soul Witches have the ability to see souls. Contract Witches cannot see the souls, or Living EPE, of others, but Soul Witches can. Because of this, Soul Witches are able to tell not only what kind of person or being one is, but how long one's Living EPE has before it extinguishes on its own. They can also see the Living EPE of the...dead. You see, ghosts are what remains of a person when their Living EPE is forcibly ended; murdered, sickness, killed in battle - that sort of thing. Their Living EPE will still continue to exist, but without the physical body they entered this existence with. Most of the time, a ghost's Living EPE will vanish pretty soon after the death of their body, but not always. If their will is strong enough, their Living EPE will hang around until it disappears into the natural flow of EPE. Soul Witches can stop that process. Not only can they see the Living EPE of the dearly departed, but they can take control of that Living EPE. The ghost pretty much becomes a slave to the Soul Witch, but only if that Witch takes away its freewill. It is possible for a Soul Witch to command a ghost without making it a mindless slave.

As stated above, Soul Witches have the ability to tell how long a person has to live. Of course, that could change because of outside forces, but they know when a person should die naturally based on their lifestyle. But, that is not all they can do. Soul Witches can extend peoples' 'soul life'; or extend the time their Living EPE has before it expires. They cannot heal a person, but they could make them live for centuries if they so desired. It takes their own Living EPE to do so, the ratio depends on what 'level' of Soul Witch they are, but they can replenish it easily. Like Contract Witches, Soul Witches can absorb another person's soul to replenish their own Living EPE. However, unlike Contract Witches, Soul Witches can extend their own soul life forever if they so desired. Unfortunately for them, they have to absorb souls (at least one a month) to keep living. It is believed that because a Soul Witch is created by absorbing the Living EPE of an Angel or a Demon, their own Living EPE becomes unstable and needs the constant income of Living EPE to keep from collapsing in on itself. But with each soul they absorb, they gain the 'years' that person would have lived, and therefore can give them to another person to extend their life.

Soul Witches, while almost all of their notable abilities are based off of EPE, they do have some physical aspects that separate them from 'normal' humans. Their endurance tends to be higher, much higher, than most would give them credit for. They could also have a mix of other enhanced physical traits depending on what was absorbed to create them. If an Angel was absorbed; then their strength and agility are heightened. If a Demon was absorbed; then their balance and aim are heightened. Otherwise, though, they are not too special in the physical aspect of things. They can gain both sets of heightened traits by absorbing both beings, but it does not compound on itself. They cannot keep absorbing Angels and Demons to get better traits - once it has been gained, it will not keep getting better.

It should be noted that while Soul Witches are able to see, communicate and command ghosts, they cannot absorb them. The reason has yet to be determined, but it is impossible to do so. Also, a Soul Witch's power, or strength, does not increase over time or training. Typically. They can continue to absorb Angels and Demons if they so wish, and it will boost their power substantially with each one they absorb. But there are great risks to doing this. First off - they are still at risk of having their soul absorbed if their target's 'soul strength' is greater than their own. Secondly - doing so regularly will continue to destabilize their soul, causing them to have to increase their intake of Living EPE from non-Demons and non-Angels. Thirdly - if one is not careful, they will either drive themselves mad or simply destroy themselves if they take on too muck Living EPE from the other Planes. There are benefits to doing this; increased soul strength, increased ability to command ghosts, more accurate 'readings' of a person's soul; but there are terrible consequences if not handled with care and caution.

It should also be noted that Soul Witches, unlike Contract Witches, cannot use EPE from the Planer Flow - they can only use Living EPE.

            Platinum: This level of Soul Witch is the top of the top. They can control a limitless number of ghosts with not problem. They can give dates for when a person will die down to a margin for error of six days. It they have a one to one ratio for extending someone else's life. Their soul strength is the highest of all Soul Witches, and tend not to fear absorbing Angels or Demons as much. Though, that is the main reason why most who are at this level are insane or do not live for very long.
            Gold: A gold level Soul Witch, while not at the top of the pack, are still awe-inspiring. They can control around twenty ghosts at a time without a problem, more if their soul strength is strong enough to handle it. They can estimate a person's life down to a couple of weeks, days if they are lucky. It only takes about five of their 'soul years' to give one to another, and it can be lower in some cases. Their soul strength is pretty high, but there are still plenty of beings with stronger soul strengths than them.
            Silver: Witches at this level, while not to the same extent as Gold and Platinum, can still do some serious damage. They can control up to ten ghosts at a time, maybe more if they can handle it. Their estimation is more broad, only being narrowed down to months, instead of weeks or days, but better than years. They loose about ten of their own soul years to every one that they give. Their soul strength is not as high as would be preferable, so they tend not to attempt to absorb another Angel and/or Demon.
            Bronze: This is the lowest level of Soul Witch that there could ever be. They can only control three to four ghosts at a time, maybe five if they are lucky. They can only guess how many years a person has left to live, but cannot narrow it down any more than that. They loose anywhere from fifteen to twenty of their own soul years to every one the give to someone else; so they had really like that person. And their soul strength was obviously just strong enough to let them live through absorbing that first Angel or Demon, it would be best to not attempt another one.

Contract Witch

Contract Witches differ greatly from most EPE users in general. Most EPE users use the EPE available from the Planer Flow, which contains EPE from the other Planes. Contract Witches, while still able to access this EPE in some degree, do not readily use this source of EPE. Instead, they have developed the ability to tap into Living EPE; or EPE that makes up s person's "soul", as it were. What they can do with this largely untapped source of EPE is nearly limitless. They are most known for making extremely powerful potions with this Living EPE; which can do anything from making one slim to blowing up a building. They can extend one's life, or curse one to hallucinations for life. These potions are terrible in ability, and equally so in power; but do not be fooled into thinking that is all they can do. Their spells are also typically stronger than expected, which is another reason they are so widely sought out by 'clients'. The reason behind this hidden strength is because Living EPE is so much stronger than regular EPE. It is a much more concentrated form, and therefore a more potent source of power.

There are a couple of ways Contract Witches can access Living EPE: First off is from their own souls. They can use the Living EPE they naturally possess as a living being. While doing so will shorten their life with each use, they can replenish it to the point that the naturally have. So, they cannot make themselves live longer than normal. They can do this by using the second option of accessing Living EPE - taking it from another living being. This way is more popular, as there is less risk involved than the first option. To this, though, they have to take all of the Living EPE from another person, effectively killing them. And it doesn't have to be from a human. They are capable of taking the Living EPE from any living creature; be they from this Plane or another. However, a word of caution is always given - If the Living EPE a Contract Witch is trying to absorb is stronger than their own, they will instead be absorbed themselves. (That is the main reason why there aren't more Soul Witches; Angels and Demons are almost always stronger than a Contract Witch.) If their own Living EPE is full, then the Living EPE they absorb from others becomes power for their spells or potions, depending on what they are 'hired' for. ((It should be known that, while ghosts are technically classified as 'Living EPE', Contract Witches do not have the ability to see nor absorb them. Of the two related types, only Soul Witches can see ghosts.)) The best way to absorb this Living EPE (or soul) is to kiss their target and take it that way; but it is possible for Living EPE to absorbed through touch alone, if not a little more difficult.

Now, the reason that are called "Contract Witches" is this: they cannot use any of their abilities until they enter a 'contract'. These 'contracts' are deals made between the Witch and the 'client'. These contracts are hand written by the Witch, then signed by both parties. The process of writing these contracts are the only form of magic that Contract Witches can do outside of a contract. These contracts are eternally binding until all terms of the contract have been met. How this is possible is because the Contract Witch invokes the both of their Living EPE into it, making it so that the both the client and the Witch are bound together. If the Witch fails to uphold the contract for any reason short of death, then they will have their Living EPE 'ignited' and destroyed, and therefore they will die. If the client fails to uphold the contract for any reason short of death, then they will have their conscious control of their life taken from them. They will become slaves to the Witch. Contract Witches can, in extreme cases, enslave other beings to their will outside of them failing a contract as well. But that option is usually not considered do to the evil nature of the act.

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