I awaken this morning to Brian's head resting against my chest, his arms wrapped around me fairly tight. Much too lazy to break the embrace and enjoying the moment, I start leaving a trail of light kisses along his forehead and rub his shoulders.

He stirs, snuggling against me more. I feel a slight pinch to my side, and a smile forming against his lips. "Good morning, doll face." he says sleepily, not moving from his position. I slap the hand that pinched me playfully, and grasp it gently. "Did you sleep well, precious?" I ask.

He cranes his neck up slightly, kissing my jaw. "Mm hmm." he says, rolling himself over and pulling me on top of him. I lay my head on his chest, trying not to drift off back to sleep. He runs his fingers through my hair, still half asleep himself.

Another two hours came and went, us falling asleep again and just enjoying each others company. I awaken to sensuous touches, gentle bites and tiny kisses upon my body. It sends shivers throughout my body. After ten minutes of him loving and teasing me physically, we start getting up. My face flushed and my breathing quickened, I look over at him with a smile. "That... was spectacular." I tell him, holding his hand gently. He smiles back playfully, gripping my hand tighter. "I do enjoy pleasing you, doll face." he says, pulling me close to him.

I hug him tightly, our bond feeling stronger than ever. "What'cha feel like doing today?" I ask him, rubbing his lower back. After a minute, he asks, "You think Carol and Emma would be free to have us over?" "They should be, I can give one of them a call." I say, glancing at the clock. He trails his finger along my spine, I shiver against him.

I couldn't fight the urge any longer. I toss him onto the bed and crawl on top of him, returning his earlier sentiment tenfold. And a few minutes of making love. Once done, he gives me a slow, deep and passionate kiss. I don't think I'll ever forget this kiss. I press against his chest gently, raising myself off him slowly. And then falling back to him, as he grabs my waist. I sit on his lap and rest my forehead against his, smiling softly. "After we're showered and dressed," I say to him, kissing the tip of his nose, "there's a cafe by Metrotown I wanna take you too."

As I get up again, Brian sets up for his morning insulin shot. "Since we'll be in the area, you feel up for more DDR?" he asks, flinching as he takes another belly shot. I smile at the thought. "Yeah, sure. I'd like to observe your warm up routine again. The way to do Orion.78 is... interesting, where did you learn to do that?" I ask him.

He gets up, discarding the used needle. "I observed someone else back home, a long time ago. That way of maneuvering around, it's similar to how I did some Korean songs back in my high school days. If a bit more graceful and less painful on my knees..." he says, chuckling to himself. We make way to the bathroom, him telling me some interesting quips and anecdotes over his glory days.

We shower and dress with some haste. I find him equipping his Morpher and lightsaber. Curious, I do the same with my own. "Looking to duel later?" I ask him playfully, forcing the Morpher holster upon my belt. He smirks. "We could probably put in a show for the general public later. What coin do you have in your Morpher?" he asks. I pull it out and take a look. "Saber tooth tiger." I tell him.

He goes to pack Deathscythe. I go over to Gus, sleeping on the computer chair, and give him a little kiss. His food and water bowls filled, we take our leave and take a drive over to the general Metrotown area. We park outside a place called Wave's Coffee. Always such a busy place, but yet another neighborhood locale I've come to enjoy.

Brian grabs us one of the few remaining seats. I go to order us some coffee and roast lamb paninis. After getting the order, I find Brian struggling with Deathscythe. "The Wifi isn't stable. And I don't think these outlets work." he says, closing the lid in defeat. I kiss his cheek and place his foodstuffs by him. "Yeah, I meant to warn you about that. Sorry. Wanna play some Magic for a bit?" I ask, and he doesn't hesitate to take out our decks.

We go at it for the next hour, my winning more games than him in the end. The crowd growing larger, we're in agreement that we can't loiter any longer than we have. He packs up everything as I get us a second helping of coffee. And we take our leave.

We head over to Station Square, a wide open complex with some shopping areas and barely any public seating. We sip on our coffee, watching people as they come and go. After finishing his coffee, Brian gets up. He unclips his lightsaber and extends the plastic blade, pointing it at me. "I challenge you, mi'lady." he says coolly. I look at him innocently, taking my time with my coffee. I calmly get up, and ready my lightsaber. "Bring it." I tell him, stepping away from him.

He takes a loose stance with his saber overhead, adopting a Sephiroth kind of stance. All I could manage was a basic sort of stance he taught me. The battle not even started, and we had heads turning and people stopping to observe us. The fight starts awkwardly, his attacks too wide to really do anything significant. I dodge a few strikes before I go to deliberately block one. We are blade locked at this point, and I use as much hip movement as I can manage to toss him aside.

He gets up and starts coming at me. I start blocking and parrying attacks, before going on the offensive myself. He side steps and blocks, before managing to disarm me. The crowd lets out a surprised gasp. He doesn't give me a chance, and goes on the attack. I dodge and avoid his lightsaber, him telegraphing his moves. After a few minutes, I kick his saber out of his hand. His surprise quite evident. I go over to retrieve our sabers, now closed. "Wanna call it a draw?" I ask, handing him his saber. He takes it and clips it to his belt. "I think that'd be a fair assessment, yes." he says, as we head back to our seats.

We started talking stances and formations between swordplay and martial arts, before two little boys came up to us. I look at them and smile. "What's up, guys?" I ask. Brian gives them a polite nod. One of them pipes up, "You guys were awesome!" And the other, "That was so cool! You guys trained for this kind of thing?"

"I'm just learning as I go," I tell them truthfully. "Karate is more my thing, but my buddy here has been teaching himself over the years." Their eyes go wide. "You two are just beyond cool." one says. Brian gives a soft smile. "The practice is rough, but well worth it." he says. Our visitors don't stay long, their mother calls for them just a little later. She gives us a polite wave, we wave back.

We make way to the mall and arcade, squeezing our way back to the Max2 machine. Surprisingly unattended, we ditch any equipment weighing us down. Brian leaps up on the platform and starts his game. I observe his most unique routine in question, trying to memorize the exact movements. I think now if I had to, I could probably do it.

With that out of the way, we play uninterrupted for the next hour. Brian overdoes it a little, his exhaustion evident by our seventh game. Near the end of that round, he begins to stumble and hesitate before tossing in the towel. I look at him with concern and he holds his hand up before I could speak. "I'll be fine," he says. "Gonna take a break." I nod and start playing a few games by myself, him watching and studying me. I wondered how he'd rate my abilities, and ask him after the game is over. "Because of a few mitigating factors," he starts, "I would say you're better than me in terms of stamina and coordination. In terms of skill, I would consider you my equal." I smile to myself at that statement, knowing I must make him proud for him to say that.

We play for another half hour before calling it a day. Heading to the car, and him smoking, I call Carol and make the inquiry. She happily obliges us, and tells us to expect a piping hot pizza when we get there. We get there in about half an hour and enter her spacious apartment.

Carol and Emma give us a hug. "Could I get you guys some water?" Carol asks, looking at our flushed and exhausted forms. "You guys look like you ran here from the mall." Brian smiles tiredly. "We just played a ton of DDR. It takes a lot more out of me than it does her." he says. He takes a seat, carefully removing his bag. I take a seat next to him, and Emma heads back to the computer.

Carol comes back with our water, taking a seat next to Brian. "How's your blood sugar?" she asks with concern. "Still good, surprisingly. I would have thought a low point would be hitting by now." he says. Not totally convinced of his, I reach into my purse for a pack of Sweet Tarts and hand it to him. He eats them without hesitation. Carol glances over at me, and I nod. She knew as well as I did, he said that in hopes of not wanting to worry us.

Five minutes later, the pizza comes. Bri and I pay a portion of it. During the next two hours, we're all talking, eating and just having fun. Brian and Carol have a few games of chess during the course of the night. While he didn't win one game, he certainly enjoyed the challenge. And apparently learned much from her in the process. I came to realize, this trip has done him more good than any of us could have imagined.

I can't help but admire the repertoire Brian and Carol share. The two regard each other with much respect. He listens well when she speaks, and she never judges people. I smiled to myself when I found a point I've long made to him being evident, he is loved by many. Emma is especially fond of him. They get along like squabbling siblings in jest, if just for the sake of amusement. But as is, they compliment each other quite well.

One slice of pizza left. Brian and I reach for it at the same time, our hands clashing. We gaze into each other eyes and mutually decide on how to resolve this. We each take out a Magic deck, and start shuffling. "Just one round." he says, sliding his deck in my direction to cut. "That's all I need, fatty." I respond, doing the same. We cut decks and flip a coin to decide who goes first.

There was some back and forth for the next five minutes, Carol watching on with fascination. Emma absorbed in her studying, asking for a play by play as we go on. Mid game, he changes tactics. Ultimately not working in his favor, he realizes it three turns after the fact. We shake hands as he concedes, and I'm rewarded with cheesy goodness.

Carol gives him a teasing look as he cleans up after our game. "How does it feel, losing to us girls?" he says innocently. He smirks back at her. "It feels like competing against clever and beautiful women. I'm not even giving it a second thought." he says. She nods. "Good answer."

He starts packing up, talking idly with Emma. Carol pulls me aside. "You guys doing anything special for New Years Eve?" she asks quietly. I shake my head. "Haven't come up with anything yet. You got any ideas?" I ask. She thinks a moment. "We could have a little get together at the dojo. You can invite the girls, and I've got some friends I wanted Brian to meet as well." I tilt my head at this. "Oh?" She nods. "That last time he and I spoke on Gaia. I mentioned some friends of mine in nursing and psychology, he expressed a little interest in meeting them."

We hear the two of them laughing about something, and smile at the sound of it. "We'll be there. Thanks for the invite." I tell her, hugging her tight. She returns the embrace. "For you two, anything." she responds.

We say our good byes and start heading out. He's silent on the drive back, rubbing my leg absently. "Penny for your thoughts?" I ask him. He looks back at me. "I like it here so much, I honestly don't want to go back home." he says. "Just a few more days before things go back to normal..." He sounds a little sad at this eventuality. "I wish you could stay too." I say, the conversation ending there.

We get back to my place and chill out, still working on the snacks we got days earlier. He heads over to my computer, booting her up and starting up a movie. "I figured you should see Go Ask Alice," he says. "Like I said, pretty different to the book. But not bad for a made for TV movie." I head to the kitchen and come back with a few random bottles of liquor. "Sounds good." I say.

We spend the remainder of the night watching movies, and eventually a random season of Scrubs. I think to myself, why have I not seen this sooner? I must steal this off him. Among other things. I'll have to get started on the data exchanging while we still have time.