Jessica's POV

"Hi Austria." I greeted the male country as I put my flute together in the music room.
"Oh, Hello Monte Carlo. I heard the newspaper is going to come over to interview our club since we're the only musically talented students in this academy." He smiled toward me, setting up his music on the piano.
"You mean the Axis? Huh. I would have joined them, but it seemed boring. And since you made this club and I learned the flute at a young age...Well, why not, you know?" I smiled back, pulling up a chair and a stand before getting out my book.
"Hey, can you play a low b? I need to tune up." I asked, licking my lips and putting the mouth piece to my face.
He nodded and played the note I asked, holding down the key as I played my own note.
My eyebrows furrowed slightly at the sound, quickly stopping the flow of air. "It's sharp. Let me just adjust it..." I turned the head joint slightly before nodding to him to play the note again before I played it again with him.
He sighed softly. "There. That's much better. You have fine ears, don't you?" He asked, stopping his fingers.
"I can't imagine what musician wouldn't have good hearing." I smiled with a shrug. "Should we prac-"
"I'm here!! The awesome Prussia is here!" The red eyed male snaked in. "Lets get rockin'!" He shouted, picking up a broom stick and pretending it was a guitar, hopping all around.
"I say we lock him in the closet." I whispered.
"I'm in favor." He nodded.
With that I stood, setting my flute on my seat and approaching the Prussian. He looked down at me and stopped his stupid act.
"Keseseseses I have a fan, eh Monte Carlo?" He chuckled with his snake like laughter.
I shivered slightly at it, but kept the look on my face calm. "Maybe you do..." I teased slightly only to get a surprised look from him. I leaned forward and took hold of his uniform tie, tugging him toward the closet. "Lets say we..."
"Invade vital regions?!" He excitedly asked.
"We get some work done!" I shouted, grabbing his wrist and shoving him into the closet, shutting the door behind him. "I'll be nice and leave the light on!" I called through the glass, locking it.
He was shouting, I could hear some curses, but I turned away. "Let's practice our music." I suggested as I walked back to search through my music for the sheets.
"Can we hear Monte Carlo-san?" I looked back to see Japan, Germany, and my big brother standing there.
"Sure. Can we do the interview first, though?" I asked, straightening my blue plaid skirt, making sure the suspenders were over my chest. And that my short sleeve white button up was straight.
"Wait...where's Gilbert?" Germany asked, looking around.
"Oh, he was being loud and stupid. So I locked him in the closet." I explained, pointing to it. In the glass, I could see Prussia waving.
"I'll be sure to tell him zat. Monte Carlo? Is it only you three in this club?" Germany asked, taking a seat.
"Oh yes. And only two that play real instruments. Austria and I got to competitions of the orchestra type. Out of all the groups, we win the balanced melody award. It's an impressive thing to do since you don't see a lot of flutists and pianists paired up. But since we're all this school has, we made it work." I explained. I watched as Germany nodded and Japan wrote down a few things.
"Austria-san? Have you ever thought of merging with the chorus to make it singing and praying?" Japan asked as he looked up from his clip board.
"Merging is something we would not want. You may not think so, but singers take away from us. Time, money, etc." He explained. Japan gave a simple nod before writing more down.
"Veh~ Can we hear you play now?" Italy asked, patting my head.
"If Austria wants to play it for you guys. I'm alright with it." I turned to Austria who smiled, nodding.
"Alright. The piece we are practicing is basically relaxing, majestic. Austria would play lower notes and I would play the higher. Ready Austria? Could you please count off?" I asked, correcting my posture and holding my flute to my lips.
"I have no problem with zat." He straightened himself too before raising a hand.
He snapped, nice and slow to set the tempo.
"One...Two...One two three four."
England's POV

I dashed to the music room down the hall. I wanted to smooth things over with Germany and try talking him out of printing the article about the Witchcraft club.
As I neared the room, I heard snapping.
"One...Two...One two three four."
After that count off was the soft high notes of a gentle sound. And a piano behind it. I blinked before looking into the music room, seeing Austria playing the keys of the piano, and next to him was a girl...
Her eyes were so focused on the music before her...The way she was poised with her body straight and proud. I looked at her instrument to see her fingers moving gracefully along the keys.
I blinked as I looked her over once more, those dark brown eyes behind her glasses...And such a beautiful sound she played...
Soon, I heard Austria slow, playing one continuous note. It seemed to be a solo the girl had. Her fingers didn't change with any sort of fear of messing up...
The music she play was calming... With Austria in the back round to support her higher notes with lower ones. Soon I found myself staring until the end when she put the instrument down and the axis gave the both of them applause.
"Oh god, I was nervous to have played without you backing me up!" She laughed out her nervousness.
"Nonsense. You were great. This is the first song she plays a solo. So she is a bit scared of messing up." Austria explained.
"It was very beautifur. There is nothing to be scared of." Japan encouraged.
I quickly backed from the doorway, unsure of why I felt interested in getting to know more about this girl. But I quickly went back to my club, not wanting her to see me and thing I was odd.