There was once a squirrel who spent his days away lounging around and eating on acorns. This changed when winter struck. The squirrel had run out of food and had to act quickly if he wanted to survive. The squirrel hoping to change it's lazy habits and obtain that wonderful meal it so craved journeyed out into the unknown.

It was a cold place and most of the trees raincovers as the squirrel knew them had withered away and turned brown. He came to a large dark hole in a rock. He knew not what this hole was but he thought that he could smell a familiar smell coming from the darkness of the hole.

It did not take the squirrel long before he found it. An acorn. His quest could be completed. He climbed the smooth stones up to the glorious crunchy golden brown meal. When the squirrel went to grab it he could not. It was stuck. Wedged between two rocks. The squirrel pulled and he pulled and eventually...POP. The acorn flew out....but the squirrel heard another noise as well.

Suddenly emitting from the hole was water. It was breaking away at the rocks protecting the squirrel from an unknown amount of water. The water started slow at first than got faster and faster until it was pouring in. The squirrel didn't know what to do. And things were taking a turn for the worst when he saw his precious delicious golden brown acorn being washed away deeper into the darkness.

Without a moment to spare the squirrel chased after the acorn. Relying mainly on his sense of smell he chased it through the darkness till suddenly the absence of ground surprised him. He had gone down a ledge. Don't you worry though. Our noble hero is fine. He got up and brushed the dirt off his fluffy tail and looked up to see a huge cavern with a large wooden ship.

Still sensing the smell of his golden brown delicious much craved acorn he was able to track it down quite quickly. He approached the wooden object determined that it had to be in there. When he got in there, he found many things that others may care for but he did not. There was gold and swords and even a tall white bony thing with plenty of slightly eaten fabric covering it.

At last he had found it. At the pier of the ship his golden brown delicious acorn. He grabbed for it and made sure to be extra careful that it wouldn't get knocked down and go somewhere else. He had got it. He laid down and enjoyed his delicious golden brown much craved acorn. Now he just had to find a way home. The smooth rock ledge he fell down earlier was much to high and slick for him to climb back up. He had to find a different way out.

Looking around he found an opening in the darkness. An opening of light in the darkness. He ran towards it hoping for it to be a way out and it was. When he stepped into the light he was astonished at what he found. It was day time but the cold was gone. It had become a new day. The squirrel had found many acorns on this side of the dark hole. He did learn from his adventures though that it never hurts to get up and have an adventure. Especially when your life is at stake.