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The night before Christina had fallen asleep wearing a light t-shirt and long pajama pants. Doing so tonight when the weather had heated up would cause anyone to sweat. Tonight Christina wandered along the hallway of their quiet home wearing a short spaghetti strap night gown made of sheer light pink fabric. Her C-cup breasts could barely be contained in the piece of fabric that cascaded over her hour glass figure nicely. She was four years younger than her big brother but she had managed to stay closely involved in his life even during the hectic period of puberty. Christina was his treasured baby sister after all and their parents knew that he was willing to do whatever it took to protect her.

It was winter break and her older brother had finally come home from college. She had overheard him telling their parents that it had been a good semester and that he did not plan on taking winter classes. She wanted to take advantage of the time that was possible to spend with her brother and had no shame in what she would do to accomplish that. "Can I sleep here?" she asked once again hoping that she wasn't getting on her brother's nerves. Her bedroom just didn't feel like home. Not all her things had gotten to their new house just yet leaving it a bit cold and bare. He was her home.