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Lucifer had stayed quiet in the depths of hell rarely leaving his god forsaken prison. No instead he sent minions to scower the earth to wreck havoc and plant seeds of evil for him. But just because he had stayed quiet didn't mean that he didn't have something up his sleeve.

It was when balls of fire rained in the sky that God realized something was about to begin. The gates of heaven were about to be trampled up. It was an issue for war between hell and heaven itself. God had no choice but to sent his guardian angels to fight. The sky had grown dark because of all the smoke and ash all around floating in the air. One angel Arianna with beautiful white wings had been on her way back to Heaven. She only realized something was wrong when she could no longer fly as easy she she usually could, the smoke was getting to her. Suddenly she felt a presence on her tail and began to fly faster out of panic for this being wanted far more than to talk to her.