I got a book,

it's called chew

t is written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory

think about this a world that you can't eat birds or eggs, all poultry is banned since a massive and I mean MASSIVE outbreak of bird flu kills 23 million of Americans. chew is about a cop turned fda agent named tony chu, he's a cibopath, he can eat something and gets a psychic feeling, like fruit, meat, veggies, and people. the only thing tht his powers doesn't work is beets and the dude eats lots of beets. the story starts with tony and his partner john colby as cops checking out a black market chicken restaurant. jack orders fried chicken and tony orders chicken soup and gets a psychic feeling of a serial killing cook killing people and feeding the bodies to the people. tony and jacks goes to stop him and jack takes a clever to the face, tony chases him down and the killer offs himself after tony lists half his kills, he needs the other half one way or other which leads into tony chewing on his face. it caused tony to get fired and hired by the fda, his fda boss wants to kill him and he gets a partner who is a cibopath till tony learns that he's a traitor. there is more folks with food based psychic powers, to a girl who can write about food to the point that people can taste it to a guy who gets stronger by eating. the characters are weird, jack comes back as a cyborg and tony's meeting with him is funny, only bros can jokes about being psychopaths and Asian stereotype bad driving. it's good book series, the story gets crazy.