There's this site revolving around a thing for PS2 called "Free McBoot". This post is dedicated to the bullshit permeating from the bottom of the homepage.

I'll split this up, because this is beyond stupid:

"Our Policy on piracy:
Free McBoot was not designed for you to pirate games. It was designed to allow homebrew applications to run from a standard PS2 Memory Card or connected USB device."

One thing of note is that next to zero people are willing to risk breaking their PS2 just for the sake of running these shitty, beyond 3rd party pieces of s**t. You know those YouTube tutorials? The majority of the views are from "pirates", because no one cares.

"We dont encourage, support or even allow discussions of backups if you do not own the originals. We will BAN you in any of the supporting forums if you ask for help with such activities. Its ONLY legal as long as you own the original retail software."

I'll just break this up here for one reason: the only reason any of these guys, emulator devs or whatevs, say this is to get the Copyright Squad off their backs when they really never cared in the first place. They put on this facade of being super supportive of the devs when they did one of the biggest things these devs at Sony and whatever ask you not to do: stop giving more information to people like me. Another thing is, what is so important about this "homebrew" that is just so super-de-duper-de necessary to program that you're willing to open up the pirate floodgate terminal just to accomplish? I haven't heard of why making backups of anything is even remotely important; why don't you just buy another copy so you can support your precious developers twice in one swing?

"Just to let you know, most of us who provide support on backups KNOW if your using a pirated backup or have the original, as we have been doing this for a long time and know why most things arent working right. 80% of the pirated games arent going to work at all due to how the pirate made a backup. So i hope that will discourage you from asking for any help with your pirated copies!"

First off, quite a few typos are in here; you should fix these types of things that you decide to put on the first page, dawg. Second, this claim that the pirated copies have an 80% failure rate; lolwut? Pirates don't generally seed things or keep things on a site if they don't work. I'm terribly sorry to also inform you that these pirates used the backup tutorial that they gave us... So, they're either full of s**t or their backup tutorial doesn't work. Of course, how do they know that this claimed "80%" doesn't work unless they pirated them all themselves? Besides their a**, where else could you gotten this sheer genius percentage? Oh, that's right, their tutorial doesn't work, that must be how they know 80% don't work.

Also, they give a compatibility list of what doesn't work with attaching external hard drives at this site and whatnot... So, are you telling me that if I claim to have pirated [Game A] that it doesn't work because I pirated it, or if I made an actual backup, are you going to tell me that [Game A] doesn't work, because you didn't implement it? Hell, didn't you also say that the compatibility list only supports 50% of the games? Gee, how come that number is accurate? Oh yeah, pirates are also the main source of expanding the list, because somehow they actually think someone legitimately owned all those Japan-only Gundam games...

"Support the Game developers and GO BUY YOUR GAMES!!"

Seriously, no seriously, it's a mod for a PS2. No one's getting anything out of this, and if I did have a job, I'd much prefer to buy extra external hard drives and send some money to the owners of EmuParadise, The Pirate Bay and a few others to help pay for server costs and as a general "thank you" for not being pompous d**k-holes; lol.