1) Name(s):
Ryker J. Miller
2) Best friend:
He doesn’t really have one, you could say that right now he’s close with the ship’s AI. Because he prefers tinkering with mechanics to people, he’d rather associate with the Cerberus created artificial intelligence that resides within the ship.
3) Sexuality:
Heterosexual, though he could be considered omnisexual with his attraction to the AI.. She’s not technically female after all.
4) Favorite Color:
Blue, he adores it, particularly greyish blue.
5) Relationship Status:
Currently single, though he’s known to be quite the flirt around the Citadel when docked. He considers himself married to his work, and intends to keep it that way.
6) Ideal Mate:
Ryker would prefer to stay single his entire life, or so he claims. Really, he’s looking for someone, human or alien, or perhaps even AI, that would be able to understand his passion for the mass effect program, and who wouldn’t push him on his past, particularly on his relationship with his father, who he rarely speaks about.
7) Turn ons:


Anyone easy on the eyes will do it for Ryker when he’s in the mood. He doesn’t



cool Favorite Food:

It’s not much of a food, technically, but Ryker has a deep, passionate love for coffee. Black coffee. He likes the bitter taste on his tongue and the way the caffeine tends to perk him right up. He could live off the stuff, and tends to have quite a few cups a day, seeing as he tends to stay up late working on the ship and gets an average of three or four hours of sleep a night if he’s lucky.

9) Crushes:

Ryker doesn’t have crushes, he has flings. He has sexual exploits with women in the citadel, typically the Asari dancers from Purgatory bars, but it’s been rumored that he has more of a softer side toward the AI, some might even call him ‘romantic’ when it comes to the artificial intelligence unit.

10) Favorite Music:

Ryker admittedly listens to a lot of old Earth music, though he never made it back to his technical home planet. He was born to a man in the Mass Effect program, a seemingly unimportant colony kid. His dad had originally come from earth, and he would play him old music from there, i.e. the beatles, the rolling stones, the doors, etc. It’s his sort of guilty pleasure, particularly because it reminds him so much of his father.
11) Physical Appearance:
Stands at about 6’2”
Muscular build, tanned skin and freckles
Black hair, undercut
Scar below his right eye, along his cheek bone
Stubble along his jaw line
Brown eyes
Usually scowling
Scar on his lip, vertically on the left side of his lower lip
Broad shoulders