** Just to give as a heads up, the beginning is the observation of what The Lion King II is pretty much based on and how they built their story from it and it's better if you actually watched both of the movies The Lion King and The Lion King II if you haven't first before reading to follow along. After that is the "Continuation" my friend Hallowed Star and I will be doing as it progresses and it's purely based on entertainment. If racist jokes and entertainment isn't your thing then I suggest you should stop from there since we are in no way attacking anyone, but simply mocking the whole story in itself. Thanks. **

As you can tell from the Lion King II, they have a feud over who's land between the Outsiders and the... insiders(?) was rightfully owned with their family histories. Zira gets so uptight not only because she hasn't got the D in a long a** time, but because she was convinced that the Pridelands was still owned by Scar and that Kovu was going to outrule Simba and everything would be back in their power as it was supposed to be in Scar's favor. Well, long story short the dumb b***h named Kiara after insulting daddy (Simba) about Mufasa (I swear to god Simba should've grown a pair and slapped the spoiled a**), little prissy puss runs away not that far from her home and finds Kovu. Kovu wants to get it on, Kiara refuses and they go back and Kiara with her wise two cents stops the fight by saying to get over it after she had her PMSing tantrums and all goes fine and dandy, Zira dies, they go back to Pride Rock and end it in a big roar... or was it that all? Nope. It wasn't. There's actually a lot resulting how it goes from there they never tell you because they didn't want to make the movie more racist than what they really had intended while giving the whole bullshit of "We are one" phrases...

To pretty much break it down to make the story a bit more sense, if you can't tell Kiara is shown as some stupidly naive, hormone driven teen that thinks after spending a day with someone like Kovu that they're in love and they will get married and take over Pride Rock. Kovu goes along since that's what he pretty much was supposed to do as part of the plot to begin with. If you can tell Kiara with her nails-going-along-on-the-chalk-board irritating voice along with whining when told "No" by daddy gives off the stereotype of white girls when they're handed literally everything and then goes to say in response to the no to say that her father will die to not amount to half as much as her grandpa (Mufasa) no matter what he does. You think Simba would turn around and give Kiara the big slap of her life that would probably be the only one she'll ever get? No. That right there gives it away that they're stereotyping the white family background where the kid receives no punishment no matter what they do and the parents are soft about it. As for Kovu, he's raised as put "filling the heart with hate" and "blackness in his soul as Scar has", where he is toughened up and having to live life through fighting his way and having mercy for nobody. Now where do you think especially with the describing as "BLACKNESS in his soul" would fit under when it comes to stereotypes? Black people. It makes sense really, because Kovu wasn't even Scar's biological son and seeing where Kovu has no father figure and Scar dies before all this takes place, this is where he pretty much comes from and has the hood-like mentality and is out to kill and gain just like how a gang pretty much strives through in the hood. The Outlands where it looks very unpleasent and dirty represents "the hood."

So towards the end, Kiara intervenes and stops the fight with her spoiled white stereotyped self, everyone starts to agree, the side that represents the blacks through their stereotypes become submissive after giving off that they're sheep minded destructive beings throughout the movie and that the white side no matter what pretty much "won". Therefore it is at a level of a white supremacist to say that the whites are right no matter their flaws since they got it all anyway and the blacks should submit or they stay in the hellhole that "they have destructed" and continue to live their broken lives.

Now... here comes the good part. wink