This week has been... I don't know how to describe it. Okayish would be the best way I guess..

Usually after an inspection, we don't hear back from the people we rent from. Major things like the roof and back door took f*cking months and that was only after we poked and prodded them to do something. This time, it was less than a week later that they showed up and decided to fix sh*t. Considering the things that needed fixing were minor this time around, its rather shocking. A single tile on the floor in the kitchen, some trees needing trimming, and the front door needing some insolation around it is all that was needed. So, door rotting and ceiling leaking, can be ignored for a big chunk of time, despite increasing damage done to the building while putting them off, but a f*cking tile and a few trees gets done immediately? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The big things should be fixed quick while the little stuff should be put off. It should not be done the other way around. Then again, the little things like the door and the tile have been there for a long time now. I think they installed the front door a year or two ago and the broken tile has been like that since we moved in. Also, since they don't have tile that matches the stuff in the kitchen. So they might just have one miss-matched tile or they might be obsessive and replace the entire floor. I really hope they just do the one. The work that has to be done in there would force us to move everything out of the kitchen which would just be annoying.

Nothing else happened this week. Well, christmas, but I treat that as another day of the week. Sweet kids brought me and my room mate homemade cookies on christmas eve. Made it feel more like christmas with the giving. We gave them christmas themed stuffed animals and a card. I was thinking of giving them one of the board games we don't play with much, so their whole family could enjoy it, but neither of us knew if they had such things already so we went with the toys. It wasn't much, but they liked the toys, so I guess it worked out.

Suppose I'll mention the thread I started to get help with my character and world profiles too. I wanted to get back to writing as I've avoided it somewhat after a former friend kinda betrayed me. We had bonded over writing so it was hard to pick up the pen again. All it did was remind me of her and that one story I was working on which had self inserts of the two of us (sue me, I was young). I have learned a lot since then and want to get back to writing. I have problems with organization of my own thoughts though and listing stuff in profiles for whatever the thing might be, I think would help. My head is also crowded and tends to go blank when I try to forcefully think of things that should be on such profiles, so I was hoping people in the writer's forum could help. Only two have responded thus far, but what they have said and suggested has been very helpful. I am hoping it continues to go well.