Lot of visitors. Involvement of website visitors this art. You can have the most surprising site with the advanced products at the unique and improbably attractive prices. You can have convincing selling pages, a deep-seated faith in the production, and a set of spent time and efforts. But if you have no visitors, you have no business, irrespective of originality of a site. The usual site with usual products, but with large volumes of an Internet traffic will sell much more production, than a tremendous site with a small amount of visitors. Internet any more that earlier. It exists everywhere round us. We have to understand and adapt it for it. If you want successful Internet business, you need to learn technologies of involvement of visitors. Eventually, your profit depends on it. There are two conceptual approaches to web traffic creation. One treats autographic development and realization of various strategy. Another, alternatively, means that you pay money to someone who will act from your name. First approach, certainly, less expensive, but more labor-consuming. And the second, more expensive, but will allow to save time.