So I started off with making 20 minutes of actual footage this morning, which turned out to be fun, and then afterwards I went and cleaned, text, and spent time with my cousins. I started to compose my video around one, but I was slowed down because of different reasons: one being that my software is a, in a nicer way of saying this, "a female dog" to use, and I had to review the clips and toss out bad parts. Three hours fly by and I take a quick break. I continue, and there was this thing (can't really consider it a bug) on my computer where the software screen didn't fit my laptops, so some features were left out that could've kept it from becoming a living hell. So then six o'clock hits around, my dad and i head to the store for dinner things, and we come back home. I continue to work. couple hours later was just fan-F*@#!*$-tabulous. My software crashes when i was 2/3s done and I start back from practically the beginning. I got mad and went to eat, so thats when my lover texted me. By the time I came back from calming down I saw she left around six to seven messages and I practically called the same amount XD. Sadly she didn't answer, so I felt like an a** AND my computer trolled me (Not to mention background music is a troll remix song, that irony). I promised my lover that I'd stay up all night until this thing was done so I did; I finally got it all done. Sure it took me awhile, and maybe the circumstances weren't the nicest, but hell I got it done! cool It's already converted, ready to go whenever. its 3 O'clock here, A.M., im usually out by 10, I have to get ready in 5 hours, blah blah boring things. So check it out: IF my lover lets me I'll let you guys get a sneakpeak of my vids. Of course You'd only know that if your reading this so CONGRATZ! Maybe this journal had a point after all. But shh its a secret. ninja Hell maybe YouTube but my lover pretty much tells me what to do, but I don't mind. What I do mind is that I need sleepies, sleepies is my friend! Cut, take, moving on. Idk things do this to you when your tired.

Don't forget what I said! If you actually read this you'll know what I mean whee
That's of course if circumstances werent as emotion_donotwant as they were today, or yesterday with it being 3 already. Anyways, peace out guys! Or night! Or day! Idgaf I'm sleeping emotion_facepalm