Sorry about this, but errrrmmm I'm not in the right mind, and right now this sounds cool to me so yeah.

My life consists of Parkour and ripped pants.
Late night jogging and failed romance.
Not enough sleep throughout the night.
Counting down the days through rays of light.
My mind seems to be my only friend.
Yet everyday it leads me closer to the end.
Leaving out hints and clues.
Even went as far as writing things out on my shoes.
Here I am another lonely night.
My mind is telling me to go out and fight.
I'm just a husk, an empty shell.
This life on earth is truly hell.
The room is shaking my heart is pounding.
This entire time I've been counting.
I'm a creature of impulse yet I'm holding back.
All this pressure I'm bound to crack.
Spending all this time feeling almost nothing.
I guess I'm searching for something.
I don't know what so here I am.
Screaming out, "f*ck you!" and not giving a damn.
I'm done rhyming
I'm done pleading, but tell me something why the f*ck am I bleeding?
I guess I've gone and done it again.
Let the red river flow from out of my knee.
I'll remember this pain.
Well maybe I won't remember but that's alright.
Any chance of that went out when I started drinking.
I'm up to pop speed.
I'm down to smoke pot.
I'm a bad influence, but at least I'm honest right?
I hate myself enough so you don't have to.
Let me internalize everything so my life is stuck in a rut.
But hey like I said I don't give a f*ck.