Yesterday i was exhausted from duty. then my father and mother came t opick me up so i went to the car and it was full of stuff so i arrange it so i can seat but then accidentally the chicken joy's gravy was poured out to the seat and carpet my mama cleaned it out i helpt too but father said im nor cleaning up that mess you made it you'll clean it. stare

i was so angry *aurgh* im so clumsy ;u;; gonk scream crying

upon arriving to the other drugstore
my little bro and i were watching this show were the mom had 3 kids with schizophrenia crying
and she had unconditional love for them. Its amazing parents have unconditional love and father said you will understand when someday you became a parent too emo . I said hey lil bro give me one of your kids ill adopt hin/her lol bro was like o.o"" papa was like shock when i said idk if illevergetmarried lol and give him grandkids sweatdrop o3o

anyways i said sorry to my father and hug him i was stubborn and clumsy my fault so i had to learn my lesson and learn from it so next time ill be more careful c: