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Naruto Fanfic
Naruto Fanfic:


Roxas Kurosawa

Rain then moved to the Leaf


part 1: 11-13
part 2: 15-16

Part 1: 145-147
Part 2: 166

Part 1: 26 > 35
part 2: 40

Blood Type:


Tailed Beast:
Hiro - 10 Tailed Blue Fox

Nature Type:
Wind, Electric, Fire.

Outline My eyes only

Chapter One:
Brief sum up :: Its in the middle of the war, Roxas is only a child of 5 years and His parents are not ninja.

♦Roxas goes out of his room into the same room his parents are in
♦Roxas mother is drunk, Roxas' father sees him and tells him to go back in his room and hide
♦Roxas listens and hides under his bed
♦Roxas hears his mother screaming and his father yelling in pain, Roxas goes over to the door and looks through the crack.
♦Roxas sees his parents are dead.
♦The two ninja who killed his parents were from the same village he came from. Rain ninja. Roxas currently a bit out from the village.
♦The rain ninja realise that his parents werent ninja and was from their village.
♦Roxas comes out and stands in front of the two Ninja
♦The rain ninja say sorry to Roxas
♦The rain ninja take Roxas with them back to the village

Summary:: Roxas parents are killed from Two Rain Ninja and Roxas is forced to go back to the village.
Chapter Two:
Brief Sum Up:: Roxas is now 7 and is about to enter the Inner Rain Villages Chunin Exams. Roxas graduated to genin when he was 6.

♦Roxas hangs out with his best friend Lixen.
♦They talk about the upcoming graduation.
♦Lixen says that his heard all type of disturbing things about it.
♦Roxas says he doesn't like the sound of that and wants to run away.
♦Lixen says that is not how being a ninja is, you must stand up to the plate.
♦Flashback to how Roxas and Lixen met. (Roxas being scared and shy and wanting to run away, Lixen being brave and stood up for himself and others)
♦Roxas and Lixen make their way to the a island not far off from the village for their last test.
♦Roxas and Lixen as well as all of the other ninja have been told they have to fight too the death to pass.
♦Roxas refused to kill anyone. He dogged all their attacks and fought with defense.
♦Roxas and Lixen were the last two left alive.
♦Roxas and Lixen had a convosation.
♦Roxas goes to stab himself but Lixen stops him and whispers in his ear "Im already dead Roxas." After this, Roxas and Lixen have another convsation. (Lixen is already dead and has been reincarnated and that its fine to kill him)
♦Roxas nods and kills Lixen
♦The spectators come back a few hours and see Roxas has won
♦Roxas is meant to become a chunin but refuses and stays a genin.

Summary:: Roxas goes for the inter chunin exams within the Rain Village with his friend Lixen, not knowing that they would have to face off to the death for the title. Roxas wins while Lixen lets himself to be defeated. The spectators come back to the battle field and elected Roxas as the winner and wins title of chunin, but Roxas refuses and remains and genin.


Chapter Three:
Brief Summary:: Roxas is now 13 and is being assigned a new mission since Roxas became a mercenary assassin for hire, he joined along Zabuza and Haku mission, Also because he was close friends with Haku and got along surprisingly with Zubuza.

♦Roxas is summoned to the Mizukage due to a new mission he needs to take part on.
♦Roxas goes to the location set and sees a mist that doesn't feel normal. In hope, he walks faster towards the location; Once in, He sees the two men he had hoped too. Before getting distracted he looked around the room and saw the man who assigned him this mission.
♦Gato walked up to Roxas and looked him up and down saying "I thought they sent me a killer ninja. Not some kid" Roxas replies with that he is but Gato shrugs it off and explains his job is to keep the low level ninjas away so Zabuza and Haku dont have to get their hands dirty.
♦After discussing the mission and staying awhile, Roxas left and waited outside for Haku and Zabuza, optionally, Roxas could of left for the time being if he pleased, But he stayed and waited.
♦Zubuza and Haku walked out and Roxas tackled Haku to the ground and laughed. They talked and stuff and set out to an area to camp.

Roxas Shadow Kitten
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