Out of my shell,
No longer afraid.
I've escaped hell,
And I'm on my way!

Going to be myself,
No longer going to hide,
I am who I am,
Your laws I no longer abide!

No one ever said you had to agree,
Inside I really do care, But..
This time you can't stop me!

Stand by my side,
For once just believe in me.
I wont let you down,
Wait and see..

I'm ready to do this,
Come on, let's go!
If I never try,
Then I will never know..

This dreamer within strives to build a foundation,
A life well lived,
A beautiful creation.

Tears that have fallen,
Nights spent alone,
Things I'd never tell you,
So really,
How could you have known?

This blood is my own,
Along with each and every bone.
It runs throughout these veins,
All for the soul that this being retains.

So let me go,
Let me prosper,
Let me grow...
Let me be the me,
I've always wanted to show.
But please pay attention..
Because if you don't,
You will never know.