I feel as though I am meant to be something less than what I currently am. You see, when I am meant to be "perfection", my ass smells better. It makes sense, because horror movies. You get it?

From Wiki-wiki: "The adult Lovecraft was gaunt with dark eyes set in a very pale face (he rarely went out before nightfall). For five years after leaving school he lived an isolated existence with his mother, without seeking employment or new social contacts, primarily writing poetry."

Odd, let's delve for a moment. You see, there's a staunch hypocrisy in the mind of "suspense" and "horror" fanatics. You know that person in that one movie that lives alone and goes insane or "insane" after living in isolation with his mother that everyone's claiming they "feel" bad about? Oh yeah, I'm right here. Where are my false sympathies; where are my false symphonies? I can almost hear the end credits start to roll.

One key thing these hypocritical weasels like to completely disavow is that the person on the screen is, to quote these same retards when they speak to me, "an entitled, self-centered, blah-de-blah-blah."

Another note is that they place this unwelcoming bastard (Lovecraft) on a nigh-impenetrable pedestal, mainly because he was a worthless "philosopher", poem writer and literary elitist. Here's the thing, and I hope you're following along well enough, here's my collection of poetry and philosophical nut-jobbery of the last 5 years:

As a bonus, keep in mind these things:
1. All items dated "6/9/2010" were mass-saved from my MySpace account. They are not specifically dated, because I didn't think of putting it in there. They were likely from late 2008 to that date.
2. All viewpoints are subject to or have been changed.
3. Consider everything in there to be Public Domain as well as everything in this "journal". f*ck you.
4. I'm terribly "sowwy" I think your "horror" genre sucks major ass and you're all hive-minded derps.
5. My own racism can be found in there; we're like, distant cousins or some sh*t.
6. I literally just noticed this correlation today; lol.

The way they fawn over some loser for writing a bunch of drivel while he lived with his mother is just, wow. Now, you have 2 options; put me on the pedestal next to him or let him burn in whatever nonexistent hell you can conjure up and stop treating me like sh*t when you think of how "great" he was.

Moral of the first sentence, since cryptic writing is for all the "shtorybouk" fans (and Majora's Mask fans): the more people treat other people better than me, despite being as useless as I am, who are far worse than I am, who live under the same worthless pretenses as myself or some other unemployed, non-tax slave just because they wrote some utterly moronic stories just like I did, (there's over 300 documents in there; get to it) the more it makes me feel justified in refusing to work or "be somebody" until the day I die by suicide bombing your pathetic ass, because you treat people with more self-righteous bullsh*t than myself like kings and "false idols" because Cthulhu. Did that make less sense; good.

Where's my cult? You want me to write a big-ass philosophical piece? Read the whole damn memoir; you asked for that thing. You wanted disgust and horror and whatever; what's more disgusting than an unemployed homosexual that lives with his mother and grandmother?

Oh yeah, and Cthulhu for President 2016 or some sh*t. I like Cthulhu and Metroids. Metroids are cuter, though. None of them are better than Yek, though.