There is this pain in the pit of my stomach which causes me discomfort. It is these days that I wish I could have her in my arms, kiss her forehead and lightly pet her short black curly hair. I am the one to blame since I had not helped her in her time of need, had I been there for her then we could have been something. We could have been a family.
For now I cannot tell how she feels for she is the moon and I am the sun. Part of her is often hidden, her emotions kept under the covers. The only thing I can do is wait and hope to see her at her fullest, hopefully I will be able to understand how she feels.
Til then I shall wait. Til then I shall continue to admire her from afar, when it is time I will share my feelings with her and maybe then, we can become more than friends.
Maybe then....she will be able to open her heart to me and let me fix all those cracks in her soul.