Back after a year and I have been shocked by a lot of things. Specially inflation and the number of generous people that have both gone up dramatically. Seems like it was just yesterday that I started Gaia. It's been 8 years and now it has seemed that people are actually less greedy now.

Donators here

Thank you for the gift ANONYMOUS BENEFACTOR heart heart
Thank you LayDeDeadpool for the Pandaista heart heart
Thank you iiSnuggles v2 for the Rookie Detective heart heart
Thank You lm A Fake Items galore heart I will keep them until you need them back :3
Thank You bright_cold_silver_moon Ningen & Ever after Curse heart
Thank you Creep Bone Devil Imp Potion & Luck Key heart
Victorian Night Angel Energetic Plantimal heart
n o m a b I e - Rosie Bridesmaid heart
A Random Fairy Lovely Lady Ranger, Equinne Brosef, SKyfish Ribbons eek
VioIia Glomp Me sign heart heart TYVM and I Shall get the fiona! THANK YOU.
ThisisAidan Chickie scarf + 10k heart
Smoking Lungs - 4m Gold heart heart TYVM!
Ichigokazuki - 175k heart TY!! You should really stop
Department of Mysteries - Chickie scarf x 3 heart heart
Wish Upon A Star Charityx - 100k heart heart
the wknd - 300k + Grunny heart : TYVM
xXxTwiztid_NerdlingxXx - DTPAY 250k heart
haha fck you - 638k heart
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Items I have Bought off from my Wishlist

Baby Seal Slippers
Forty Winks
Child Prodigy
Bone Dragon Helm
Vocal Headphones
Dainty Damsel
Chirpy Chuby
Rocket Gal
Astra-69: Sterling the Lively Owl
Artistic Freedom
Astra-96: Teal Winking Bedroom Eyes
Chocolate Cherry Clafouti
Taylor's Crowbar
Bani Clips
Witch Double
Caroling Music
Triste's Rapture
Cat Noir
Chicky Hat