I thought we were gonna get some sleep before a long day of travel. I thought wrong. xd

After a little snuggling and love making, we were both very much wide awake. I kiss his shoulder and start getting up, fumbling through his bag for his external hard drive. "What emulators did you toss on here?" I ask, grabbing his controller and it's adapter first.

He crawls toward me, arms around my waist and hugging me gently. "NeoRage indefinitely, though I try not to run that off the drive. Unusual lag spikes. Got all my NES, SNES and Genesis stuff too, those should be alright to run as is." I pet him gently, the needed objects now in hand. "Mind if I play some stuff?" I ask, running my fingers through his hair. I feel his grip loosen and his hand trailing down my back. "Knock yourself out, you're free to use anything I have on me."

I get up and toss a hoodie on. Waiting the two minutes for my computer to boot up and plugging in everything. He's snuggled under the blankets, Deathscythe to his left side. I look through his list of SNES games, some games I've never heard of. Others I have vague memory of, one of which catches me eye. "Wow... I haven't played Ninja Warriors in so long."

He glances up at me. "I got to playing it a few days before coming here. Took me awhile to get used to again, never mind Kunoichi being the most neutral learning curve character there." I test out the controls as he speaks, frowning slightly. "There's a little input delay..." He get's up and tries it for himself. "It happens sometimes, this controller is in cruddy shape nowadays."

He crawls back to bed, tending to his own thing. The sound of the game aside, we were in a comfortable silence. After about an hour, I grew tired of this game and loaded up Earthbound. I thought to load up a savestate of his at random, found myself at the Stonehenge Base.

That got his attention. "That save must be from six months ago. Still early on, I had barely begun getting that damn Sword of Kings." An idea comes to me, and I smirk. "Wanna make a drinking game of this? I imagine this'll take awhile anyway." "Ha, sure. You got any Grey Goose?" he asks. "Basement. There's a liquor cabinet, shot glasses too. You mind grabbing them?" He puts some clothes on and runs down to do so, and is back almost as quickly.

"So, what are the rules for this game?" He asks, filling two shot glasses and standing by me. I shrug, really not thinking that far ahead. "Hmm. How about a shot for each failure to attain this item? With a Starman Super alone, you can't really count when he's in a group of enemies." He raises an eyebrow. "I... guess. I might be down and out quite quickly though."

This attempt goes on for half an hour. Brian is done after ten shots. I stop at seventeen. Both of us a little inebriated. Looking at the clock, I notice with some surprise it's 5 AM. I plop down by his feet, looking at Brian. "Feel up for all all-nighter? I don't see much point in getting sleep at this rate." He grins at me, setting Deathscythe on the night stand. "All-nighters are what I usually do best. What'cha wanna do till then?" he asks, laying his feet on my lap.

I start rubbing his feet, thinking about the question. "How about I finally get into those stories I promised?" He perks his head up, his attention fully on me.

For the next hour, I skim the surface of things about my youth. The time I spent away from him, the years he spent in depression and anger over me. All the guys I dated, the dangerous life I put myself into. How I met Carol in the midst of things. Once the clock struck six, I had to interrupt the flow of the story.

"We gotta start getting ready to go. You go shower, I'll clean up here." He nods and kisses me, trying to process the majority of what I told him thus far. As he showers, I toss his stuff in his bag. And run down to make us sandwiches. Once he's done, I hop in myself. Within half an hour, we're all packed and in the car. "We've still got two hours to kill before we get on the ferry. Wanna grab some coffee when we get there?" I ask, glancing at the serious expression on his face. "Yeah, sure. I'll treat this time." I look at him with some concern. "You alright, love?" He nods. "It's just a lot to take in. Sex and drugs, that just doesn't seem like you."

I shake my head slightly. "I'm not proud of certain things. I was a different person back then. I felt so... lost. Alone. Worthless." He touches my shoulder as I keep my eyes on the road. "All pointless 'rebellion' and general stupidity that come with youth, my attitude didn't help things." "You still came out the other side a stronger and wiser person. That counts for a lot." He says, trying to sound assuring of things. "You must have one hell of a guardian angel. Or fate is just extremely kind to you." he adds in with amusement. I can't help but smile at that.

"If I hadn't cut you out of my life," I say with a little sorrow, "things could have been so different. Having people like you in my life has steadily made a huge difference. I wouldn't quite call this hitting rock bottom, but it was close enough." He grips my shoulder tighter in silence. After ten minutes, he speaks again. "The Niagara thing was quite something..."

I flinch at that memory. Changing the subject momentarily, I ask about the rest of that trip. Something I never quite did over the years. From the sound of things, nothing particularly exciting. The only high point, he felt, was meeting a friend in Toronto for all of forty five minutes.

We make it to the terminal and get out. I start looking around for a coffee stand of some sort, he lights up a cigarette. "Are you still in contact with this friend of yours?" I ask, wondering why in the seven hells I'm seeing nothing but sparse crowds of people. I barely dodge a thick wisp of smoke the wind blows at me. "Unfortunately not. With the way she was, I honestly wouldn't rule out suicide. Bad family life and such." I hug him. "I'm sorry to hear that."

We walk around for another hour. My resuming my life story, him lighting up every fifteen minutes. His hacking coughs sounded especially painful. After another hour, we head back to the car and board it onto the ferry's lower section. We proceed up to the more public area, and stop by the Starbucks counter.

I snuggle him as he looks through the menu. A tired looking barrista takes our order. "What can I get you two?" he asks, looking like he could fall asleep any minute. Brian looks over at me. "You decide yet?" he asks, stroking my hair. I smile and bury myself deeper into him. "I'll have what you're having."

He nods. "Two Venti White Chocolate Mochas, please. And two walnut brownies." He reaches for his wallet, a beat up thing looking like an NES controller. Out comes his credit card as the transaction completes. "Pick up in the front." says the barrista, working on our drinks. We proceed forward and have our warm goodness within five minutes.

We take the same seats we had on the way over. Brian takes a sip before asking, "Wanna play some Magic?" I shake my head. "I don't think I'm in any state to play right now." He switches seats to sit next to me, holding me close. The rest of the ride proceeding in silence as he holds me, and I fall asleep on his shoulder.

The time passes quickly, it feels like. We head down to the car and start heading off, a downcast morning sky greeting us. I look over at him, his eyes blood red and his body looking weak. I kiss his cheek as I start the car. "Just another half hour, and we'll be at my place. We'll crash in bed when we get there." He nods, letting out a small yawn. "Sounds good."

Once by my place, there comes the nightmare of finding parking. We find a spot two blocks away, which suffices. We unload our luggage from the car and proceed to the building. Another cigarette in his hand. "You didn't smoke nearly as much when we were at Port." I remarked, wondering just how many he has left. He shrugged. "I suppose I am overdoing it... exhaustion can get me smoking like a chimney too. God knows why." I look at his cigarette with some irritance. "Try and take it easy with this stuff, dude."

We get to my building and shortly, my apartment room. I hesitate by the door. "Step to your right. If the pup is awake, he might go and tackle you. He's incredibly playful." Brian does so and I open the door. No tackling puppies and drool after the fact. We enter and drop our luggage by the door. "Gus?" I call out. "Where are ya, boy?"

Out of my room comes a ninety five pound golden retriever, looking very happy. He turns his head to Brian, walking slowly toward him. Sniffing him. Brian watches with fascination before petting the big guy, and Gus darts up on his hind legs, giving Brian a sloppy lick on his cheek.

I get on my knees and beckon Gus to me, giving him a big hug. I smile up at Brian. "Yep, I think he likes you." I say, getting back to my feet. I remove my sweater and toss it on the couch. "How do you like the place?" I ask Brian, walking wearily to my room.

He and Gus follow, Brian dropping Deathscythe's bag on the couch. "It's cozy. Not too big or small." We both lazily plop down on the bed, he reaches to grasp my hand and squeezes gently. "If I could afford it," he starts, "I'd be comfortable in a place like this back home." I squeeze his hand tighter. "Just know," I say tiredly, "you're always welcome here if you need a place to stay while in town. Or just in general."

Some idle talk aside, we drift off to sleep pretty quickly. I finally wake up around three, starting up my computer. One significantly better compared to what I use back at Mom's. I fill Gus' bowl with food as I wait, and rummage through Brian's bag. I leave Deathscythe charging up in my room. I then start checking my usual stuff. Email, Gaia and the like. Gus constantly nudging my hand all the while. I reach down to scratch behind his ears, looking at him. He certainly made it evident that he missed me.

After an hour, Brian wakes up. Gus still following him. They both head to the kitchen and I hear the sound of shrink wrap being disturbed. I call out to Brian, "b*tch, are you taking my cookies?" "Nope. It's all Gus' doing." he says, obviously with a full mouth. I get up and head to the kitchen, looking at Brian and Gus. Crumbs quite evident on Brian's sweater. "Uh huh. So Gus did this?" I ask, smirking. Brian points his finger at Gus, trying to keep the joke going. "It was all him!" he said, grinning. Gus' ears perked up and his expression in surprise. He proceeds to walk out, probably thinking we're crazy people. xd

I walk past Brian, squeezing his sides gently and rummaging through the fridge. "If you want something, help yourself." I say, looking for something small. Success comes in the form of string cheese. As I walk past him, he grabs me by the waist hard and gives me a deep kiss. My eyes go wide a minute as I embrace him and return the kiss. I poke him in the ribs gently after we break the kiss. "Someone's being brave, eh?" I say and wink at him, heading back to the computer chair.

He walks over behind me and starts rubbing my shoulders. "I've been waiting a long time for that." he says, a little shyly. I giggle softly, enjoying this whole thing. "You feel like doing anything tonight?" I ask, glancing warily at my router. Almost immediately, he asks, "You think any of your friends are free tonight? Nothing too special, maybe a little dinner at the Cactus Club or something?"

I reach in my pocket for my phone and look at the time. "I think we can manage that, I just need to make some calls. Why not lay down for a bit? You can catch another shower later, if you want." He nods, and I notice him rubbing his lower jaw. "You okay?" I ask. "I think I chipped a tooth, but I'm alright otherwise." He goes back to my room, not thinking much about it apparently.

I log onto Gaia a few minutes after he does. Aside from seeing a dear mutual friend, there was some idle talk going. I start making phone calls, with sufficient success. Carol and Emma are definitely game, and Steph had no good plans. After all was said and done, I call out to Brian. "Love, start getting ready. We'll meet with them within the hour." He responds with a hint of enthusiasm, quite a rare thing of him. "Got'cha, I'll be about ten minutes. You coming with or no?" I see him walk out and I shake my head. "Nah, got a few things to take care of. I'll be in when you're done."

He wasn't kidding, ten minutes was all he needed. I just barely finished an Email I had to send to family, letting them know we got in safe. On his way back to my room, he walks by me and taps my shoulder. "Tag, you're it." he says playfully. As I get up, I give him a kiss. My hands pressed against his chest. I can feel his heart racing. After a quick hug and a light slap on the butt, I start getting ready myself.

We were ready to go within the current half hour, in the car and headed towards the restaurant. "Emma and Carol might be there by now." I say, glancing quickly at the dash board clock. "They'll hold a table for us, Stephanie might be the last one there in the end." He nods, rubbing my leg. "Odd question, but do they make an honest drink there? I can't tell you how many times I've had a weak White Russian from an otherwise reputable place." I can only shrug in response. "Might depend on who works the bar, but I've never had a reason to complain."

We find parking easily enough and step inside. I begin scanning the tables for our group, and I see Emma from a distance. I grab Brian's hand and we head in that direction. "Hello, my lovelies!" I say with a smile, looking back as a similarly enchanted Carol and Emma. "Might I introduce our favorite playmate in the flesh, Brian." They both greet him happily. Brian bows toward Carol. "Sensei, a pleasure." He looks over at Emma and gives her a polite nod, before grasping her hand and kissing it. "My favorite foul mouthed b*tch, it's been too long since we last spoke." Emma laughs and beckons him to sit next to her. "Yes, it has." she says, drinking what I assume to be mineral water. Brian takes a seat next to her, and I sit with Carol.

Carol gives him a very classy looking smile, one of her most beautiful features. "It's quite a honor to finally meet you." she says, and I can imagine Brian just melting at her british accent. "How is your stay so far?" she asks.

He leans back slightly, taking in the sights of various objects on the restaurants walls. "So far, so good. My last trip here, I didn't spend much time in Port Alberni. Now that I've had enough exposure to it, I can honestly tell you I like it there. And Karli's family is just great, lovely bunch of people." I reach over to grab a menu, taking in this exchange. Emma looks over at me with a smirk. "I take it you guys are enjoying each other quite a bit." I give her a wink and say, "Quite a bit, he's nice to have around."

We start with drinks first, among the erratic conversations going around. Carol telling me about her time with the few family that visited her, Emma and Bri talking comic book stuff. When our drinks come, we wonder what to toast to. Brian takes the initiative, using something quite familiar to me. He raises his glass of Jack, we proceed to mimic him. "Here's to a couple of confused grown ups!" We all laugh and tap glasses. Stephanie eventually makes her way to us. Hugs were exchanged and Brian does his usual kiss of the hand thing. She treats him with an elegant smile as well.

Two hours come and go quickly, amidst the talking, laughter and good food. Stories of Brian's life being the main focus of things, everyone listening quite intently. As I sip my Dirty Martini, I flash him an amused look over hearing the cardboard box story again. He gives me a wink, ever so charming and handsome. He wasn't nearly as quiet as I'd have expected him to be. And him enjoying himself, such a rare and wonderful sight.

Carol turns to me and asks, "What's on your agenda tomorrow, miss?" I down the last of my one, and only, drink. "No idea, that depends on what Brian wants to do." She looks over at Brian with a smile. "Why not drop by the dojo? I'm free between two and four, there aren't many classes scheduled." Bri looks over at me, sipping a diet coke. "You alright with that?" "Love, I'll do anything you feel like doing" I say, shaking off the mild inebriation. Emma wraps her arm around Brian's neck, pulling him close to her. "I'll meet you guys there, my schedule should be alright for awhile." He smiles at her, sneaking a kiss on her cheek. "Then it's settled."

Steph finishes her drink too, granted I lost count how much she's had thus far. "Karli, I get out of work at around six. If Ya'll wanna meet up, keep me posted. I'll see what I can do about hooking up with Lindsey and Amy as well." I give her a nod, absently munching on a celery stick. "Sounds good. Actually, we could hit the clubs. Brian's expressed an interest in this for awhile." Steph regards Brian with wide eyes. "You don't do this stuff back home, Yankee?" He shakes his head. "I don't quite know where to look, this isn't my usual thing. And with the way most of my friends are, I can tell you not many would join me." Carol tilts her head at all this. "I would think Manhattan to be quite peppered with this kind of stuff..."

Brian calls the waitress over for a refill, then looks over at Carol. "I think... there's at least one or two in Times Square. I haven't looked during my last trek there, I was focusing on other matters at the time." Carol and Emma nod, still a little surprised. "What sort of hot spots attract you?" Emma asks. Brian takes a moment to think. "Well... not much, these days. The last time I met with my crew, we went to a place called Union Square. It appeals to the goth/alternative crowd quite a bit, the NYU campus being close by too. Aside from interesting shopping spots, the eateries are cheap and interesting. Can't beat dollar pizza." He sips his drink. "Aside from that, I guess Times Square now and then. South Street Seaport is nice during the spring. Chinatown is a usual thing for me. We have a formerly famous arcade there."

Steph raises an eyebrow. "Formerly famous?" Brian shakes his head. "Back in the day, it was a rough place. All the best competition in the eastern U.S. would play and train there. Nowadays, it's some family friendly garbage. My friends jokingly call it the Gold Saucer, referencing a theme park area in a Final Fantasy game." I had to laugh at that comparison and pop the oddball question. "You guys got a gondola there too?" He chuckles at the semi-inside joke. "If it did, I'd feel inclined to go there more. That and I bet you Rachel would want to take advantage." Everyone perks up at the mention of the name as I look at their random reactions.

Steph orders us a round of non-alcoholic drinks as Brian goes into this sorted affair with a confused and uncertain young woman taken by him. By the end of the story, Emma asks the question that was on everyone's mind. One I frequently wonder myself. "Dude, she's got the hots for you. And you say you like her a little too. Why not stop dancing around the obvious and give her a chance?" He closes his eyes, his expression growing a little serious. "I don't think the idea wise in the end. If all this occurred before I met Sarah, then maybe I could have tried. Also, as my life stands now, I don't like forming attachments. I always keep a certain distance from people, Karli and one other friend being an exception."

Carol comes to the same conclusion I do when I hear the spiel. "You feel taking this course of action to be for the greater good." she says, mirroring his serious demeanor. He nods. "It's the only way I know how to live." I reach over and grab his hand. Saying nothing, wondering where his train of thought is going with this. In an effort to lighten the mood, Steph speaks of her brother's recent visit and all the women he'd flirt with shutting him down. We all have a good laugh over it.

After a few more minutes, we call for the check and start to pay up. As we head to the parking lot, Brian lights up a cigarette. Steph follows this action almost immediately. The two of them fall behind us a little, talking idly. I catch up with Emma and Carol. "Any chance you guys could join us at the club tomorrow?" I ask. Emma says yes almost immediately, Carol seems a bit hesitant. "I might have to catch up with you guys, I figure I'd try and get Jim on the phone for a few hours." I give a slight nod, understanding she misses her other half terribly.

Bri and Steph catch up with us as we all get in our cars. Steph hopping in with Carol and Emma, and Brian riding shotgun with me. We say our good byes and start off. I look over at a very content Brian, and smile. "It's still early yet, wanna grab some coffee somewhere?" He nods. "I wanna stop by that diner you usually go to. If you spot for the coffee, I'll handle the dessert." I chuckle and start making way for a nice diner I frequent.

We manage to get a booth, ordering our coffee and sharing a fairly big strawberry cheese cake. After finish a massive bite, Brian turns his attention to me. "You mind if we drop by 7-11 as well? I'll pay for the gas." I wave my hand dismissively, smiling softly. "We've got enough gas for the ride to and from, I'll worry about refilling the tank when I need to. But thanks for your consideration." He sips his coffee, staring off at nothing in particular. "Thanks for everything." He says sincerely. "I'm having a good time here, I almost don't wanna have to head back to the States."

I look up at him, struggling with a syrup-drenched strawberry. "My offer still stands, I wouldn't mind a room mate. The girls and I could also help you look for work, hopefully something more suited for your talents. Custodial must be boring by now." He laughs softly. "Boring is an understatement. When I can do the work heavily medicated and out of sorts, you can tell the routine is stupid easy." I poke at his hand with the handle of my spoon. "You know, back when I did stock work, it was something of the same. The one old guy there was taking a lot of medication to keep going, while us young'uns and middle-aged workers would get high during work." I take another bite, taking awhile to swallow. "So, basically, the whole lot of us were never really sober on the job. Bossman was so oblivious, or perhaps forgiving, that nothing was said for a year and a half."

Brian raises an eyebrow. "Let's say he was oblivious. How could he be like that for so long?" I shrug, our spoons clashing for the last strawberry. A battle might start, methinks. "He was a nice guy, don't get me wrong. Just not very smart. The pay sucked, but it seemed he was screwing with the books anyway. False claims and all that, his firm was shut down. I hear it was quite messy from a legal standpoint." The duel for the last strawberry ended in his favor, but he went and fed it to me anyway. Cutie.

Brian shook his head, and called for the check. "Pretty much why I would never work for an independent contractor, if I could help it. Heck, I heard even private sector jobs, at least back home, are quite low in terms of morality. I mean, beyond brokerage firms and anything money-related." The check comes and he looks at it. I try to peek myself, but he presses it against his sweater. "How much do I owe?" I ask him, noting that playful expression on his face.

"You owe nothing." he says. "The grand total is less than $12, I got this." I stick my tongue out at him. "Fine. You go pay, I'll leave the tip." I reach for my wallet and pluck out two Toonies. $2 coins, to simplify. I snuggle Brian as he gives his card to the cashier and signs the charge. The lady behind the bar regards us with a warm smile, I look back at her returning it. "How long have you two been dating?" she asks. Brian perks his head up, a little confused. I respond to her, "He's a friend from my childhood, nothing more. Visiting from out of town." She gives a slight nod. "Ah, I see. With the way you two look, I'd have just as soon figured you two were dating a long time." We both give a slight chuckle and take our leave, wishing her a good and safe night.

We make way to a 7-11 twenty minutes away from where we were. Unfortunately, in a bad part of town. I tell Brian as much, and we keep our wits about us as we find parking. As we get out, we already have two people walking towards us, giving me specifically a sinister look.

Brian glances over at me, a little tense. "You wanna take these losers or should I?" I step in front of him, never taking my eyes off the pair. "You sit tight, let's see where this goes." The duo stand to our left and right, I grow tense over this pincer formation. "Ay, yo!" bellows one of them, much taller than Brian. I eye him while Brian watches the other. "Run yo cash and the girl!" He goes to grab me and I avoid him.

Brian says nothing, snapping his attention to this one. I step back to Brian's side, now both within our field of vision. "You guys would be wiser to walk away." I tell them, with a threatening tone. I take a fighting stance, with Brian mirroring me. The two aren't convinced, and come at us. The fight, as it were, ended in seconds.

Brian sidesteps and knee's the big guy in the stomach, then slams his elbow hard into his back. As for the other guy, I let him grab me. And throw him over my shoulder. Followed by a swift kick to the ribs. We glance at each other and give each other a brofist. "It's as I said," glancing at our fallen opponents. "You have real potential, darling." He pays them no mind, grasping my hand and walking. "Let's mosey, can't game back home without snacks." I just barely keep up with his pace, giggling. "Point taken, love."

We enter the store to see a dumb founded clerk. "You guys are bad ass... especially you, miss." he says as we walk about. I look over at him and wink. "Thanks, dude." Brian walks past me, his back to us. He gives the guy a thumbs up.

Brian picks up a variety of things that I'm sure he shouldn't be eating, and some of which I'm sure I'd be a boatload of cardio exercises to work off. $125 worth of merchandise, cigarettes included. We pay and head off. Halfway to the car, we encounter tweedle-dumb and tweedle-dumber. They're quite pissed, too.

I give Brian one of the bags and stuff. "Go back inside. These guys are mine." Brian gives a mock pout and complies. "Sure, you get to have all the fun... you do your thing, I'll call for the police."

I watch these guys carefully, both now speaking to each other in Spanish. The big doofus takes a swing at me, I dodge. The other sprints behind and grabs me. As the tall one throws another punch, I turn myself around. He hits his buddy hard enough that his grip loosens.

The both ready for another assault, and I realize I need to end this now. I duck and spin under an awkward punch towards big boy, and rise into a hard knee to the groin. He's finally out. The other grabs my shirt and tosses me down. The impact left me disoriented for a few seconds. The guy tried to return the favor of kicking me in the ribs, and fails. I grab his ankle and twist hard, breaking it. He's left crying and cursing. A police car rolls up as I try to get myself up, rubbing the back of my head.

Both officers exit their vehicle, looking at the riff raff sprawled on the pavement. One of them walks up to me. "You alright, miss? Looks like you did a number on these jerks..." His partner proceeds to get them up and cuff them. "I'm cool, a little sore. You can do your thing with them, I'm not pressing charges." The officer pats my shoulder. "Understood. You have a good night, and feel better."

I walk over to fetch Brian, both he and the clerk watching the confrontation from their vantage point. Brian goes to hug me gently. "You alright, doll face?" he asks, trying to keep himself calm. I kiss his jaw. "I'll be sore a few hours, but I'm good. Thanks for calling in for the police." Brian points to the cashier. "Thank him, he called in before I could even say anything."

I walk over to the register and extend my hand to the cashier. He shakes my hand. "Thank you, sir." I say gratefully. He nods politely. "I was worried those guys might come in here and start trouble. It's unfortunate to had to deal with them, but I guess we ultimately helped each other out." He reaches under the counter and gives me a packet of aspirin. "It's not much, but take it on the house." Brian gives him a polite nod. "Thanks for that, hopefully we didn't trouble you too much with all this." He chuckles to himself. "Not at all. You kids have a good night."

We head back to the car, this time without interruption. I grab Brian's soda and down the pain killers. We head back to my place, my aches gradually dissipating. He squeezes my shoulder gently during the ride back. "Ideally, I was gonna harp on you for playing hero like that. But when I saw what you did, I was pretty impressed." I glance over at him for barely a second. "I did what I had to do. Pretty sure your family and friends would be upset if something happened to you." I could tell he didn't like my answer, but he accepted it.

We got back to my place, junk food in tow. "Just lay all that on the counter. And pass me the marshmallows." I say, as I lock the door. I stroll over to the computer chair and soft boot my crate out of hibernation mode. Brian exits the kitchen and tosses me a medium sized bag of marshmallows without warning. It bonks me on the face before falling in my arms. I stick my tongue out at him as he heads to my room with a smirk.

He then finds a spot on the couch with Deathscythe. "You wanna start up a movie?" he asks. I shift my attention to the coffee table and clear out all the junk mail and papers. "Sure thing. Get your decks, I'm in the mood for a few games." Turning back to the computer, I open the contents of his portable drive. "So, help me decide." I tell him. "Carrie '02 or Pulp Fiction?" He doesn't skip a beat. "Carrie '02." He reaches for a random deck and starts shuffling.

I start the movie up and rummage through his stuff for the deck he built me. It seems like a safe bet that this'll be going for the remainder of the night. xd