One night, I visited my dad and it was the funnest ever because my cousin Judas was there who was Richard's son, he's five years younger than I am and my cousin Lurissa who's Josette's daughter she was my age. My dad, grandpa, and grandpa's girlfriend took us to the amusement park and it was fun. Until, they all had too much to drink. My grandpa wanted us all to go with his girlfriend instead of my dad. We all said no and my grandpa grabbed my cousin Jude and left with him in his arms. I can still remember his red, tear filled face as he was getting further away from us. We called Richard and he drove from California in less than an hour. My dad later took us to a restaurant and it was great until my aunt arrived and took us away from my dad. We drove to my dad's apartment, and our friend Frank Mir was there. He was going to beat up my grandpa for kidnapping my cousin but my aunt didn't let him. We later stayed at Frank Mir's house because they tried keeping me away from my dad. My dad called me one night in 2008 telling me that our dog ran away. I loved that dog so much.