Well, childhood was very hard my parents got divorced around the time when I was 3. That was around the time my dad went to jail, the reason why is undisclosed. Growing up was hard especially with not seeing my dad very often. He was a drunk and as well as a druggie. But, I was too young to notice that and I loved him all the same. I had lots of cousins growing up. My aunt josette had 3 kids already by the time I was born. My aunt Josette already had 2. They all lived in Nevada so every once in a while I'd visit. It was fun. I saw my dad every weekend and my mom on the weekdays. Then, my mom met a boyfriend when I was five. He had a daughter named Ivory. She was a year older than me. She was very quiet like me but nice. We grew up together, and it was like having a sister. My dad had ended up moving to Nevada. So I saw him during the summer. We started getting more and more distant and I was to young to notice I was losing him.