I was born December 25, 1994.
In Riverside,CA. It was 3:36 pm. I was the daughter of David Anthony Hernandez and Laura Angelica Hernandez. They both came from very corrupt families. My father well, he was the third child out of four children. Julie the oldest, Josette the second oldest, and a little brother named Richard. My grandpa, David, was a drunk and a drug addict. My grandma never being a drunk but a horrid woman, who was abusive and did not support decisions in her children's lives. Then there was my mother, she had two siblings. A brother and a sister, Virginia was the oldest and Gabriel being the second oldest. My grandmother was raped, and that was how my mother was born. The rest of her siblings were from an actual father who eventually passed away. My grandmother had my mother around the age of 40. Virginia, my aunt had a two sons but the time my mom was born, Jose and Jim. Every mistake they did also got my mom in trouble. Growing up it got so bad they shipped my cousin Jim and my mom off to Mexico. When my mom came back she was 18. She started working at a Carl's Jr. in Riverside across the street where Richard and my dad both worked at a Goodwill. My dad eventually asked my mom on a date and two years later they had me. Well, that's all for the intro.