Uhg I'm so tired of seeing artists under selling themselves cause there's cheap asses out there who seem to have no sense of value.

To artists: Don't undersell yourself. If you spend hours on a picture for someone who only paid you $5... stop. Seriously you under selling yourself just to get a commission shouldn't happen. I understand that you might think you're not popular enough to get tons of commissions so you think that if you sell them for really cheap people will buy them, but who cares! If you spend 4 hours on a picture worth $5 you've essentially paid your commissioner with your life. You might as well open up requests! Charge what your art is worth!! You not only hurt yourself but everyone else. The reason you have to sell your art for chump change is because everyone else is selling it for chump change. Also, why are you drawing primarily for money anyway? It's not exactly a good job. Heck most of us don't even make minimum wage ((myself included)), so what a rewarding job indeed. If you want to make money, get a part time job... it pays WAY more. Enjoy what you do, and if you want to get paid to do it, bonus! It's not being greedy or mean to charge what your art is worth, its called having some confidence in yourself! DRAW WHAT YOUU WANT PAINT THE SKYYYYY
• If they do complain to you about pricing, tell them to draw the picture they want themselves and watch them shut up.

To Commissioners: I understand not all of you are cheap people, some of you really don't have any money or various other reasons. But everyone else, keep your mouth shut. Don't tell an artist their prices are too high and you want them to lower it so YOU can get art. Can you walk up to a car dealer and tell them to lower the car's price because you want one? No. Save your money if you want art like you would for a car. And if you say that buying a car and buying art are two different things because being an artist isn't a real job then please go bury yourself in a tiny hole. Flipping burgers at McDonalds isn't a real job but guess what, they still get paid minimum wage. In all honesty, paying even $60 for a piece of detailed work that the artist spent many hours on is a STEAL, and most don't even charge that. Even if they spent 6 hours on it for $60, do you realize that's only $10 an hour? Professionals charge like x 10000000 times that. Try $1000 minimum. So you still wanna keep complaining that commissions are too expensive? Save your money, just like you would for anything else in life. Art is a product, just because you talk to the creator doesn't automatically mean you get to have your way.

Lastly: I am both an artist and a commissioner. In fact a lot of the money I get from commissions I spend on artwork from others! I don't necessarily need the artwork, but I really love buying from new artists. Call me weird, but when I first started out the most flattering thing in the world was when someone wanted to buy art from me and they were willing to pay for it. So actually when I find an artist underselling themselves, I tip them heavily. I'm sure there are a few of you that can contest to that. As commissioners you have the power to encourage someone beyond words! Giving an artist a tip or even just telling them you really love their art and you want to buy it will seriously make them happier than you could imagine. This doesn't only apply for commissioners, artist put aside some money and help support others as well. Don't let them undersell themselves, encourage them!

So artists, grow a spine!
And commissioners, have some understanding and stop being greedy jerks.