Waaay back when i was young and i was still in highschool, people used to say that punk was not dead. I didnt know why they said that, i didnt even know that it was dead... or not (was Schrodinger the precursor of punk?).
Later i learnt why it was supposed to be dead, which basically goes like this: Punk didnt like the man, so it was all about sticking it to the man, then the man adopted the Punk culture making the whole punk point useless, therefore, dying. Back then i was like "No way! There are so many awesome punk bands! It cant be dead, we're all unite!", but i was so young then...and then a few years later Green Day released American Idiot and... well... that's when i gave up.

Fast forward to many years later i found out that punk was not dead, it was just hiding from the man. I found two awesometastics bands: NoFX and Social Distortion. I dont know how could of have lived so long without knowing these bands. Well, i heard many times the name Social Distortion before, and Fat Mike makes everything he can to keep NoFX as "under" as posible.

Well today's focus is Social D, obviously. Their song really do have an, uh, kind of feeling. The real teenage punk feeling. Like their first songs like Mommy's little Monster
and Another State of Mind.
And since i brought Another State of Mind, i find impossible not to mention THE punk documentary: Another State of Mind. That documentary really shows what it was to be a punk back in the day (early 80's), and even shows Social D before they even record their first album. It is a must watch for anyone that really cares about the music as it shows society through through the eyes of the punk kids of the 80's. Also noted in Dont drag me down and Through these Eyes.

90% of the people that know Social D knows them by their greatest hit: Story of my Life, which has that feeling of... reminiscence and nostalgia like many of other of their songs like Ball and Chain, Untitled. Maybe many of Mike Ness lyrics from when he was heavily addicted to drugs (which started right after the documentary cited above) which later he overcame which can be reflected in songs like Reach for the Sky and specially I was Wrong, prolly one of their best songs, as you can see that he wrote the song from his heart.

Did I say heart? Because that seems to be Mike Ness favourite topic. Let it be me, Dear Lover, Cold Feelings, and maybe the best of these is Pleasure Seeker.
What? The songs are too... darks? Nah, those are tames. A place nin my Heart, Writing on the Wall, and Making Believe (cover i think) are the heavy ones. And not to mention Alone and Forsaken (but i think that one is kind of a cover too or something).

Ah but not all of their songs are downers, there are positive ones like Nickels and Dimes, Diamond on the Rough and Still Alive (its actually better than the Portal one). Do not forget When the Angels sing.

There are many other songs worth of nothing, like King of Fools, Winners and Losers, Crown of Thorns, Sometimes I Do, and two of my top 5 favourites: Bad Luck and Machine Gun Blues.

Well this was a huge list, even tho i didnt mention many others songs.
While Social Distortion is not a "Stick it to the man" or political oriented band (Like NoFX), it shows the sentimental side of punk, the good and the bad sides of life.
I like this band so much that i really want to get a tattoo of it.