~Rules of being on my friend list.~

1: I don't like adding people to remove them so understand I have this so it's black and white why you're still on or off my friends list.

2: It is just as important of you as it is for me to keep in touch. I detest one sided friendships so if I never hear from you without reason I shall have you removed.

3: I have a skype and chances are you should have it. If you don't -- ask; I'll happily give it to you.

4: To be clear, PM's, chatting in threads, profile comments, skype or a combination are all forms of keeping in touch.

5: I'm here for you so please, be here for me if I need it.

6: I have to say it: please, no drama.

7: I'm not a piggy bank. I've never really been treated like one but I'm saying it anyways.

8: Probably most importantly -- whatever we discuss please keep it confidential. I don't gossip about what you may confide in me so I ask the same of you. It's just common courtesy.

9: Have an issue with me? Come talk to me about it. Please.

10: I'm not an easy guy to befriend and I have a lot of baggage. Be prepared.

11. If you are friends with someone I detest I simply will not add you for that reason. Sorry, but I have good reasoning for this rule.

Disclaimer: If I removed you from my friends list it is because I either A) feel like we're just better off as social acquaintances. B) I've drawn the conclusion our personalities just don't match up. C) You in some form violated one of my rules. If you were on my friends list but have been taken off PM asking why. Chances are I made an error and will add you back.

Please also note I do not befriend many; it's not my style. I want long term and lasting friendships. That said, if I don't know you I'm not going to add you.