"Mors ultima linea rerum est"

"Death is everything's final limit. But I am, I was and I always will be."

Keito awoke to the stifling noise of a near-distant metallic clank. His eyes opened wide with one side of this face pressed against the concrete flooring. Shortly after, another metallic quake echoed into his pitch-black room. This time the clanking was further away. Keito's eyes shuffled through the darkness, his body lying face forward on the icy floor. His arms were bound behind him by something made out of metal and had realized that he had probably been abducted. Frightened and confused, he made it to his knees and began to yell for help.

After a few moments of silence, there was another large metallic clank, this time much closer. Then suddenly there were sounds of something grinding. A blinding light poured in beneath the crack of a door. Naturally he squinted, but kept his eyes open enough to try to make out who was behind it. He was filled with hope with just as much fear if not more.

The door began to grind louder as it lifted upward until there was a thud. A short duel-tone beeping came from behind him and he felt the sweet release of his metallic bonds slipping from his wrists and hitting the concrete floor. He felt comfort in his ability to touch his own wrists, rubbing each of them. A small dotted circle of green lights rotated on the door before him. Keito stood up completely to investigate. As it was the only thing he could see, he reached out and clutched the green lights which he had discovered were on an ice-cold doorknob. Before rushing out, he stopped for a moment asking himself if he was ready to know what was on the other side. He had risked the unknown before but never anything like this.

There was nothing else for Keito to consider and there was no where to go back to, so knowing that he could only go forward, he turned the knob and opened the door.