12 / 23

I had a good evening at work which was decent and went by fast as I got off earlier that night and got news I will be able to keep my Job for a time longer as a Christmas Gift they forgave two of my write ups which would be me being fired soon but not now! Hugsssssssssssssss.

I went to bed as soon as I could to be ready for the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and got up late Eve (Next entry in Journal) heart

12 / 24

Got on Gaia for a short time before heading out to eat, 3nodding

I got up late and ate a bit of breakfast and had fun being with my parents before we went out to eat at a Restaurant, had a little to drink but nothing to bad. (Rum and strawberry punch with ginger ale mixed together) ^8^

I made good head way on the new castle Im building in my one world, which is named "Sugar Overload" for My Pogi who suggested it for me, got the fronttwo side of the walls started on the outside of the area with the treasure room inside/ "The Keep"

12 / 25

I got up early and headed with my parents to go and visit my Uncle and Aunt and it turns out good news is it isnt Cancer like they thought it was, but it is still bad for her Lungs, her lungs dont work as well as they would normally for a person and she breaths on a canister of air. Hugs

Drank eggnog with rum in it, was very yummy and creamy, heart