A perfect piece on my plate
I can't eat it must be a mistake
I don't deserve it
Why am I showing you my hands
To early in the game oh well
I might f*ck it up anyway
Guess I go back to the plane before It came
Crash it before it lands
Buy another one tomorrow
How it ended before it begins
A couple years from now you probably wouldn't
Remember this story
I know I couldn't
I'll be another page in her story
Tears hit the book, turn the page
White pickets fence a couple of children
Full time daydreamer
Crushing on the queen that's riding cloud 9
My flower girl pouring water on me
Wake me up I'm stranded In just dessert desert
Cold nights,only her love ,steady mile pace
Make the rain go away
Men playing like kids
Can't come out and play
Boy in a horror story
I can't let her break my heart
Honest lies I tell her
Kisses all over her she tell me I only own it
Lies to my face, all I ever wanted
Even from the start
I finally got it my message in a bottle
But i never got on the plane so we never departed
In time I'll pay for this disaster
Sadly ever after p.s