Archive Questions

Are you a virgin?
Sadly, no. I am not a virgin.
I'll admit it and won't beat around the bushes like everyone else.

Are you single?
Yes. (as of 12/25/13)

Does your family and friends know you're gay?
Mostly... yes!
I'm really open about my sexuality and I don't keep it hidden. I know for a fact all my friends know/ or knew about me being gay. When I asked them "When you first saw me, did you know I was gay?" They all responded with a yes... xD
For family... I'm pretty much THINK they know. Well I told my sister, uncle, and cousins. But yeah c:

How old are you?
17. Almost 18 in a couple of months!!!!!

Do you smoke and/or drink?
No. I hate smoking and I hate the thought of drinking.

Have you ever dated a girl before?
A few.

More coming soon.