heart First off I have no limits. In a role play don't ask me what my kinks are unless you tell me yours first.

* No under no means do you send me a starter with some Adonis look alike Perfectly build sex god of a Model like man. I will not even think twice about not replying. I try to keep my girls looking like real girls and woman. I expect you to do the same.


* I will not take the lead in a rp when it comes to guys. Sorry Dudes I suck at it and It makes me loss any will to rp the plot. So if you send me a Request were I'm the lead then i will nto answer

heart means I want to do so badly
rolleyes means you got to have a good idea
burning_eyes Means I orgasm all over the place

(Note: I would take be more incline to do a rp of your choice and plot if you donate towards my dream avatar.
me / you

daughter(s) /father (Only ask if you have a plot idea) rolleyes
Young teen(s) / older neighbor heart
student / teacher heart
Slave/ master burning_eyes
Slave /Mistress (Girls only ask for this) burning_eyes
Sister best friend and Sister / brother (Only ask if you got a plot idea) rolleyes
Sister(s) / brother (Only ask if you have a plot idea) rolleyes
Nerd girl / Jock(s) burning_eyes
Cheerleader / nerd heart
Chubby girl / Bullies burning_eyes
nerd girl / Group of cheerleaders burning_eyes
abused girlfriend / abusive boyfriend burning_eyes
nerd girl / gang burning_eyes
sister(s) / older sister rolleyes
Older sister / younger brother rolleyes
twins / boyfriend rolleyes
Forced marriage(CuckQuean) burning_eyes
younger sister / older brother and friends rolleyes
Teacher / group of students. heart
Girl on train /older man(s) heart