Today was off to a great start. Waking up in Brian's arms certainly felt nice. I'm guessing my moving about stirred him, cause he held on tighter. whee

I gave him a big hug. "Sorry, love. Didn't mean to wake you." I said, trying to stifle a yawn. He made a slight noise to more or less incite that he didn't care, releasing his not-very kung-fu grip on me. I sat up on the bed, trying to shake off the stiffness in my shoulders. These calcium pills aren't doing jack...

He moves closer, rubbing my shoulders and trailing kisses along my neck. I grab his hand gently, nuzzling his cheek. "Mmm... did you sleep well?" I ask quietly. I feel something of a nod. "A weird dream aside," he says with some confusion, "I haven't slept this well in awhile."

I break the embrace and start getting dressed, him watching intently the whole time. "What about?" He shrugs, looking at his phone absently. "I guess I don't get service here after all... as for the dream, it's difficult to recall the details. It was Magicant-like in nature, that much I can say. I remember that train tunnel I'm constantly exploring, this time I had two of the guys to accompany me. But that aside, it's all a blur."

I glance at him with some perplexion, tossing on a worn out Dragonball Z shirt. "I could never figure out why you've had these connected dreams for so long. I'd like to think there's some reasoning, or at least logic, to all this."

He props himself up and starts getting dressed as well. "I've been curious about all this myself for awhile. I can't say I know anyone well versed in dream interpretation though. Pass me my insulin and needles, they're with the Magic decks."

I reach into his bag and grab a vial of clear liquid and a syringe no bigger than my index finger. I watch him intently as he fills the syringe with the stuff. He glances at me with a small smile. "Care to give me my medicine?" I shift my gaze from him and the syringe a few times, quite hesitant. "Umm... you sure that's wise?"

He pulls an alcohol pad from his jacket and opens it, wiping down his left bicep. Skinny at it is, those Cloud Strife-like arms of his. "Doing my arm on my own is usually more trouble than it's worth. And it's simple, really. Pinch the area, plant the needle head and inject. You can take it as slow as you want."

"...Alright, I think I can do this." Crap, crap, crap... I pinch the area he swabbed and wait a beat before poking the needle in the skin. I feel his muscles tighten slightly. I felt a little resistance during the injection process, it didn't feel... smooth. I imagine the act taking no longer than half a minute. But otherwise, it was a success. If I screwed this up, I'll never forgive myself...

He rubbed his arm a little, giving me a reassuring look. "I'm not sure what causes that sort of resistance, I get that now and then when I poke my belly. But believe me, you did good. Relax." I cap the needle head and pass it back to him. "I'm not exactly a registered nurse, that would take me a long time to get used to." I watch as he deposits the used syringe and alcohol pad in an empty peanut tin. All this inventory and preparation... poor guy.

I grasp his hand and give him a kiss. "What'cha feel like for breakfast? And real food, no nutritional shakes this time." He's silent for a moment, processing the question. Then shrugs. "I dunno, surprise me. If you're making coffee too, I'll take it black this time around." I give him an amused look, pulling at him to come walk with me. "You mean, Godot style?"

I then hear mom's voice outside my room. "What, are we waiting for Godot now?" she said with a hearty laugh. Brian just shakes his head and I'm left chuckling at the timing of it all. "Different Godot, ma. prosecutor with an agenda. Long story. More sentence fragments."

"Thank goodness you weren't an English major. Let me worry about making breakfast, you two just come down and get comfortable." I hear her walking downstairs and look at Brian with a smirk. "If she really does ask about this Godot, you're doing the talking. Cause I can't remember sh*t about Ace Attorney these days." We start heading downstairs, and I can almost hear his gears turning. "I... think I remember that stuff well enough. Came up in conversation in recent weeks."

He plops down on the couch. I'm still standing, look outside at a somewhat overcast sky. "I don't think it'll rain today, but it'll definitely be chilly. Would you feel up for a walk after breakfast?" He looks up at me with a smile. "Oh, definitely. I'd like to explore here a little more."

I watch as he opens up Deathscythe, and take a seat next to him. Desktop pops out of sleep mode in mere seconds, and connects to our wireless just as quickly. Not a bad machine. "What'cha doing?" I ask while I snuggle up against him. He switches and refreshes numerous Chrome tabs with ease. "Checking the usual stuff. Facebook, Gaia, Youtube and Daily MTG. I don't expect much with Gaia these days, and the Facebook stuff is just a formality for... me, Christ, these b*tches be poking me so much." I poke him in the side in response, making him squirm. "Blah! Quit it." he says in a mock whining tone.

I snicker and poke his chest. "Can I skim through Daily MTG for a sec?" I extend my free hand lazily, making a grabby motion for his mouse. He forks it over and gets up a little hesitantly. "Help yourself. As much as I didn't wanna get up right now, I could really go for a smoke. I'll be back."

I start scrolling through the main articles, seeing nothing of interest. "Wait a second... nah, nothing catches my attention. I'll tag along with you." I make a quick pass by the kitchen, the scent of bacon and waffles thick in the air. "Mom, we'll be outside for a little bit." "Alright, dear. Don't be too long."

We step out on the front porch and he lights up, that acidic scent clashing with the winter air. Despite how much I dislike the smell, I snuggle against him. His arm around my waist. This just feels so... right.

"I'm glad you ultimately decided to come up here, I know this wasn't a decision you came to lightly." He takes one long drag, exhaling it slowly. "I figured it was time I finally take your advice. To just act on something and not worry about the possibility of regretting something. I'm tired of living like this, I've limited myself on too many things." I just nod in agreement, watching him take a shorter drag. "I can't complain too much about the monotony, but it still irks at me as of late." he says with an odd inflection in the voice, something I couldn't quite pick up on. Sorrow? Sadness? I just shook my head. "Life's too short for regrets, you dwell on your own way too much. Focus on the good in front of you, and the good you do for others."

His expression grows serious, taking another long drag. "Can't help the way I am, force of habit. Ideally, I had resigned myself to a certain way of life. Sarah goes and changes that at first, and then you. Funny how life works out." He snuffs out his smoke in daddy's old ash tray. "Let's eat, I'm starved." He grabs my hand, squeezing gently. I smile at him as he opens the door. "For the record, you've gotten better about things the past few years. I'm proud of you for showing such strength in light of all the crap life throws your way."

We make way for the kitchen and start on break, some idle talk of martial arts starting up midway. Mom is just taking this in all the while, while I answer Brian's inquiries to the best of my ability. "Brian," she starts, "I was never told that you too are into this stuff." He takes a gulp of coffee before responding. "I've had an interest since I was a child, but could never act on it due to the lack of schools back then. Nowadays, I just don't have the time or money. Karli has managed to teach me enough through explanations, however." Mom flashes a proud smile at me as she tends to dishes, still regarding Brian. "If anything else, she's always thoughtful. If I may say, you two suit each other well."

Brian contemplates that a moment, sipping his coffee still. His expression once again serious, and very Heero-like. "She's good to me, and I try to return that sentiment as best as I can. This world needs more people like her." I couldn't help but blush at what they're saying. "Bri, don't go selling yourself short either. I could go on for days over your admirable qualities."

Ignoring the praise, as usual, he finishes his breakfast. "Thanks for the food... I didn't catch your name, or should I stick with the usual formalities?" Mom waves her hand dismissively. "Call me Helen. I'll clean up here, you two do whatever it is you kids do nowadays."

We head back to the living room. He sits and glances at Deathscythe for barely a second before focusing his attention on me. "I have a daring question for you." I look back at him with a raised eyebrow. "Yes?" He gets up and stretches, and assumes a basic fighting stance. "Could we spar?"

I look him over, noting his posture. "Your right leg, move it back a little more. Your arms are also too high, they should be more aligned with your midsection." I step forward and pull his arms to the appropriate angle. "Much better."

I assume the same sort of basic stance, our eyes locked. He throws the first punch. I sidestep and grab his arm in one motion, and bring my elbow upward to his nose. "That was too aggressive. You realize this sort of strike I did could very well kill someone." I release his arm, and he comes at me with a flurry of short, fast punches. Of the ten strikes, I just barely dodged half of them before resorting to blocking. "That's better, love. You'll allow yourself fluidity in your motion if you keep yourself in control."

He moves back a little for his next assault, coming at me with more punches. It was getting a little headed and out of accident, and instinct, I side stepped a punch and spun behind him. I then followed through with a hard back hand to his upper back. The extra oomph of movement sent him off his feet, and I flinched at the sight of it. "Sorry about that, you okay?"

He gets up wearily, with a smirk on his face. Retaking his stance, he beacons at me to take up an attack. "Yeah, just fine." I go at him with my own series of punches, and his speed impresses me. He dodged everything before having a misstep and one of my punches finally landed to his chest. "I think that's enough for one day. You aren't half bad, I'm impressed." I help him back to the sofa and sit with him, and he's quite out of breath. "Personally, I don't... know how I kept up... the dodging. Whew." I grasp his hand gently with a soft smile. "You must have some natural skill, and I see your agility was not something you were bluffing on."

He proceeds to lay down, his head on my lap. "I'm just gonna rest here a moment, it's clear you won that skirmish." I run my fingers through his hair, admiring it so very much. "You have potential. If you quit smoking and exercise more, you could probably surpass me in a little less than a decade." He chuckles softly. "I think I'm too old to get into things to that degree, but thanks for saying so."

After about half an hour, he recovers enough to sit up. "We've got time to kill before everyone arrives at Shelly's. You feel like doing anything?" He contemplates the inquiry a moment. "My hard drive is upstairs with my decks. We could watch a movie or two and get some more games in." I get up and make way to the kitchen. "Sounds good, I'll make us some tea and sandwiches. You go and get everything set up."

Within the next ten minutes, we started up his favorite movie. The Dark Crystal. And finally tried out the yet untested Commander decks. An... interesting format, he seems to be taking a liking to it. I still can't quite see the appeal, though it's more limiting facets are pretty cool.

This went on for four hours. Went through three movies total and more games than I could count, in between this nicotine addict fiend needing his fix. xd

I glance at the clock eventually and determine it time to wrap things up. "Love, you can go and shower first. I can clean up here and tend to Deathscythe." He nods. "Alright. If you need extra batteries for the mouse, they're somewhere in my bag." I smirked at him as he headed upstairs. "You're better than most of my ex's, most of them wouldn't be so prepared for things." All he could do in response is laugh, and man what a sweet sound that is.

After cleaning up the splayed Magic cards, I go poking around on Deathscythe. And shake my head over how cluttered and disorganized his files are, typical geek male. I skim through his book collection, probably one of the few folders with any sense of order. Never mind that we watched the movie not long ago, I occupied myself with reading The Dark Crystal.

He's certainly a quick one. Fifteen minutes and he's done. Dressed comfortably and stylishly, and his hair nicely gelled. Very sexy stuff. I lean against him and lay multiple kisses among his lips. "You sit tight, love. I'll try not to take long myself." I say with a wink and sprint upstairs.

Ha, so much for being quick... took me a total of forty five minutes to get ready. Make up and such, I guess I overdo it with that stuff at times. Mom was long ready before us, so I fire her off a text message that we can get going. I run downstairs, with Brian watching... something on Youtube, nothing I was familiar with. "I'll get the car warmed up. If you wanna smoke again, now is the time." He acknowledges my statement and heads to the porch with Deathscythe still open. He passes by Mom pretty quickly, both of us wondering what he's so absorbed in.

We get in the car, him still having Deathscythe open and active. I poke him and I get his attention. "What's up?" "Dude, the road can get pretty rocky. Better to close him up or you'll risk dropping him." "I can handle it, there's nothing to worry about." I shrug and tell him, "Suit yourself, then. Don't get all emo on me if something happens."

I was semi correct. Fifteen minutes into the ride, I must have hit a rock. Made my heap jump a little and Brian lost his grip on the laptop. But just as quickly, he grabbed the top of it before it actually fell. I still give him a sort of 'I told you so' look and he stuck his tongue out at me. Punk b*tch. xd

We made it to Shelly's without incident, and it was as chaotic as usual for this time of year. Brian got to do the whole meet and greet with everyone, and I could tell he didn't really like all the attention. I say my hello's and give my hugs. After looking around, I was surprised that Kyla was nowhere to be found.

I go to find Kyle, my brother. "Hey, where's K? I thought she and the kids would be here by now." "The kids caught a nasty flu bug, she didn't wanna wear them down with the ride. She sends her love, though." he says. "Ah, alright... set up the Wii, will ya? Gotta get my Smash Bros. fix in."

Kyle takes a huge sip of beer and grins. "Already done. Will your guy friend be joining in?" I glance around for him, finding him talking to Hayley. "I'm sure he will. He isn't skilled in the game, but he won't say no to a casual game."

The games came and went quickly. Brian being very ungraceful with Ness and Sirena wanting a piece of him badly. Trying to protect him, deal with Kyle and evading PK Fire like mad proved hectic. Messy fights all around, but quite fun. Brian get's up, still feeling quite satisfied. "Amanda can take over for me, I gotta check up on some stuff." He gives us all a brofist and takes his leave.

More chaos and roughly uneven playing fields, in terms of our individual skills. Can't say I won too many matches, but them's the breaks. xd

I camp over to where Brian and Hayley are, and I found it quite adorable that she's so taken with him. "What'cha guys up to?" I said, carrying some glasses of water for us. "She's playing one of these new fangled Pokemon games, I'm talking to Ashlynd." My ears perk up at that. "Oh? I thought she usually goes to her mother's for the holidays." "I was surprised myself, though I never inquired about her plans. She met with her grandparents, and is otherwise sticking around with Tyler's family."

I take a seat and sip on my water. "Ah, cool. When you go for your next smoke, mind if I talk to her awhile?" He hands me Deathscythe almost immediately. "You must have been reading my mind, cause I could use a smoke now.

It's rare of me to ever use an IM-type of program, but Ash would be one of my few exceptions. A real darling, the perverted little sister I never had. xd

We spoke for all of ten minutes or so before Bri commandeered Deathscythe again. I managed to sneak up to the one operable computer in the house, just doing my own thing and still talking to Bri via the forums. Cause, y'know, logic. >_>

Sadly, things ended way too early. So glad we'll be heading back tomorrow morning. On the way back, we did have to hit a gas station. Brian wanted another pack of cigarettes, and I give him an amused look on the way. "Think we'll run into any one else you know?" He rolled his eyes and laughed. "If I see my bartender, I'll lose my sh*t. How about I treat us to coffee? Helen, you want too?" Mom shook her head. "No thanks, I'll never get sleep if I have coffee now." I nod in agreement. "Yeah, I'll pass too. You can get me a protein bar, though. If they have."

We make our pit stop and accomplish this mission. And then some, they have Brian's biggest crux: diet lemon iced tea. xd

Once we get home, Mom lazily tosses her purse on the kitchen table, then proceeds up to her room. "Well, I'm beat. You two have a good night." We respond in kind and head back to my room, Deathscythe in tow as well. Plopped on my bed, I give him a shoulder rub as he talks to two of his favorite ladies. I can't help but smile at that, I admire the love and loyalty he shows his friends.

"Before we head back to the Mainland, I'm gonna try and stick the boxes of Magic cards I have here in the back seat." I say with some exhaustion, trying so hard to stifle a yawn. He nods, and I can almost sense his giddiness over the prospect. "Those cards I was supposed to get from someone at work, I don't expect to get them any more. The guy got promoted and I figure there's no point in asking anymore." I growl a little under my breath. "Can any of these guys keep a promise?" He makes a clicking sound under his tongue. "Hmph, just promises to annoy me. Ridicule me. Trivialize my role at work. I'm not even gonna sweat it."

I grip his shoulders gently. "Sorry, I don't mean to bring up work like that." He shrugs. "It's fine. I'll admit, it was nice getting to see certain people on Monday. The one's that matter, and know of you." I chuckle softly at the thought. "I should have known you'd speak of me often. Quite flattering, I must admit."

I get up to go to my computer. Ideally to finish up this entry (thank God for Notepad and flash drives) and check up on a few things. Aside from the clicking of keyboards, it's otherwise silent in the room. I catch a few shy glances from Brian now and then, always trying to stifle a giggle when I catch whim of this cuteness.

I turn my chair around to face him and inch forward, closing Deathscythe's monitor only slightly. "Like what you see, precious?" I say playfully. He grasps my hands, making total eye contact with me. "Always have. I'm still trying to convince myself that this is reality, not some sweet dream." He tugs me forward, entwining his fingers with mine. My heart beating incredibly fast. "I say we finish our things now and have some time to ourselves." I say with maybe a little too much enthusiasm. He smirks, his eyes scanning the monitor quite fast. "Yeah, good call. You do your thing, I'm done here."


Whew, another novelette written. Curse my near-perfect memory of things, right down to conversations and every other tiny detail. xd