Currently I'm feeling very hateful, towards a lot of things. sad

I'm sitting in the office at work, bored out of my mind. I have done all my paperwork, logs, and checked everything possibly imaginable. I am getting Christmas boner blocked by my sister who is in the awesomeness of Fargo, and my boyfriend who is at his parents. I don't know if he is even having a great time or not. No texts. D:

So I decided to make a Tumblr account, that's right, I went there. So far I'm not really impressed by Tumblr. Facebook is by far still my favorite social networking site. Social networking normally doesn't matter to me unless I'm in a situation where there is nothing else to do, or I'm stuck here at work. So no...I used to not "Facebook" everything till lately.

On top of all this, I'm getting sick. Like I haven't eaten anything decent in two days. I had like half of a bagel this morning. Which found its way back up. D:< I also have lower abdomen cramps. Which are killer BTW.

Well I'll wrap this entry up. Which I will probably post another one soon. Buh bye dears.